Jul 10 2011

A Sin of a T-shirt for a Succubus…

Something a bit different for a Succubus as T-shirts go today… Now that’s not because there isn’t a lot Succubus-like on it, but it does, in a way, say quite a lot really…

And in this case, the meaning of SIN is…

Sassy In Nature.

You can find this on sale at Zazzle.com here for those that might be interested in it…

I’m sort of on the fence on this really as I think that sassy isn’t quite enough to make this something I would want to wear.

I mean, Sexy to me seems more fitting but then I am rather biased in my opinion then aren’t I?

Sassy alone just seems to be more of an attitude that, while sinish perhaps, isn’t exactly what a Succubi like me is. I like the logo, I think that’s quite good really, but the explanation of the word is, I think, just not quite what fits a Succubi…

I’ll have to ponder that some and see what I can come up with…



  1. avatar

    Her Majesty is definitely more sexy than sassy.

    But neither “sexy” nor “sassy” is limited to sin, except as an anagram, and “sin” certainly in no way defines Her Majesty.

  2. avatar

    That t-shirt would look great on a Succubi, especially if that’s all she’s wearing.

  3. avatar

    Not usually no…



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