Jul 06 2011

It might be a Devil Dame but it isn’t a Succubus…

It’s a shame when you find a Succubus costume that could have been something decent, but it really doesn’t make the effort to be…

This is an example of that.

Devil Dame CostumeIt’s called the Devil Dame costume and sells for about $60 US at various places on the web including Amazon.com.

It comes with the dress, choker and glovettes, but the horns are not included with it, nor are the shoes.

Wouldn’t you think that a costume for a devil or a Succubus would have the horns included with it?

To me, the word “dame” means at least a small amount of class needs to be seen and I can’t really see that in this costume. Would it be so difficult yo make the hem of the dress look decent?

The glovettes aren’t bad and I have to admit I kind of like them, but what’s the point of buying this costume to throw away the rest of it away?

I’m also not thrilled by the choker and the attached fringe that appears from it. I don’t understand what that has to do with this being a Succubus costume.

It’s another example of trashy being confused with Devilish or Succubish.

And it really doesn’t make it I think.

Giving this a quarter pitchfork out of five.

Keep the glovettes, lose the rest.


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