Temptations 119

Sometimes you can open doors to places you thought you would never see again… Sometimes…


Temptations 119

By TeraS and James

It wasn’t actually that hard for her to imagine the place he described… She knew it well… Known it for so long that the scent of the pine needles that was pushed by the light winds that came from the lake would have made her sure that she was there…

But they both weren’t… At least not quite yet… And she found that somewhat disappointing for a very short moment in time…

“I… think… You pay your own abilities not enough heed my dear…” She had not pulled her hands from his, nor did she want to at that moment. It was comfortable here with him and, in truth, why would one pass something as that up?

A tilt of her head to the left, “The place is quite real… But, and this I know truly, few, if any have seen it nor know of it… That should be added to I think…”

A soft breeze passed over the table around and between them and, as he watched, the library shimmered away to be replaced by the green of a forest, the sound of water lapping in the distance and all that he had described save for one thing that wasn’t…

No, all was as he had imagined it, but for the table they still sat at, the sun gleaming off the surface. She explained softly, still holding his hands, “Passage requires belief, and yours is strong and free… It also requires an open mind and a willing heart to see…”

The smile, as always, was warm, “And the trust to see what is rather than what is not…”

With that, she brushed her hair about a little and revealed two small red horns in her raven hair to him with the words, “Trust given should be shared should it not?”


“Yes, it should be,” James replied, “and you are trusting me with a very precious thing.  I will do my best to be worthy of that trust.”

Her smile made his own warm and grow.  “This place is known to you?  It is a place I’ve imagined all my life, and use the image, which I have learned to make quite real, to relax myself.  But, for all that I have imagined this place, I have never imagined anybody quite like you there.”

At the moment, holding her hands seemed like the most natural thing in the world.  While he was sure he had never met her, her smile and her eyes felt most familiar, and there was a connection that seemed brand new, and yet older than both of them.

“I would really like to know more about you, and maybe I can help you somehow.  Maybe we can begin with a tour.” He stood, inviting her along: “Would you be good enough to take me on a tour, and tell me a bit about what this place is for you?  I can tell from your eyes that it means quite a bit.”


It would be nice to have more trust in the world… it does mean the world you know…




    • avatar
    • James on July 5, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Well, all we can do is put as much trust out there as we can. And you always inspire infinite trust from me, Majesty.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on July 18, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    For which I am eternally grateful my heart….


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