Jul 04 2011

Priscilla and the Genie

Storm Clouds will not be appearing this week, it will return I hope next week with something added to the story, assuming my Tail allows me to write something by then…

But in its place, I am going to share this story of the Succubi by the Realm’s Poet Laureate and the Queen’s heart in which a Succubi learns a valuable lesson…


Priscilla and the Genie by James

Just a little flash, but something special today, inspired by this picture from the Gallery of the Succubi:

night in
the Realm’s
treasure room,
Priscilla the
purple tail discovered a
most unusual bottle.
She pulled out this
ceramic item,
she admired
its beauty,
and then she
began to rub
the lovely
pottery and
pulled out the
cork. Wisps
of smoke came
out, and soon
clouds of smoke
surrounded her.
The next thing
she knew, a genie
stood before her,
exquisite with his
tan skin and broad
shoulders. He saw
her horns and tail
and grumbled: “No
demon creature can
be my master!” “That
would be succubi,” Priscilla
purred, “and I am your Mistress.
I want my wishes.” Grudgingly the
creature from the bottle said, “Very well.
Three wishes shall be yours.” “No, not three.
For insulting me with the name ‘demon,’ I demand
one thousand wishes.” The wily genie smiled: “If you can
seduce me before I bring you to your knees in ecstasy, then you shall
have your wishes. Otherwise, you will pleasure me in my bottle for seven
centuries.” Before Priscilla could peep, her opponent had caught her in his
beguiling stare. She felt her knees begin to weaken, her own green eyes locked
into his dark orbs, she noticed how delicious his body was, and was just beginning
to buckle when he was enticed, then overwhelmed with the fragrance of lilacs. His
gaze broken, he began to stagger toward her, kissing her outstretched hand. The imp
was not yet done, however. Even as she began to plant unending desire in his mind,
a moan, slipped through her own lips; three impossibly beautiful, achingly sensual,
naughtily naked women were massaging her sinewy purple tail. The final thoughts
of her lucid mind were that, somehow, the genie’d rummaged around in there and
discovered her most erogenous zones. By the time that thought had formed, the
blonde was licking her nether lips under her short skirt while a brunette kissed
her tight round, ass, and the other brunette reached into her titian hair to rub
her horns. She needed release . . . the genie would give it to her . . . and
she would be trapped. “Harold, behave yourself!” Priscilla glanced up,
and there was Tail, Queen Tera’s tail-self. “You still have seven cen-
turies before you get out!” “But she rubbed the bottle!” the genie
whined before Tail snapped her fingers and he faded into smoke.
“How did you do that?” Priscilla wondered aloud. “Who do you
think put him there in the first place, dear?” Tail smiled.
“Now let this be a lesson: never, ever open a bottle unless
you know what is inside . . . And always watch where you rub.”


*huggles for my heart*

Thank you for bringing to life this story my heart… Your words as always bring joy when they appear…

*kisses and snugs*




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    *Huggles for my Dear One from her heart*

    It is a joy to share the stories you help inspire, and an honor that you let me spend time in your Realm.

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    *snugs tight*


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