Jul 02 2011

A Demoness Drawing YouTube…

I found a really talented artist’s drawing of a Demoness or Succubus if you prefer on YouTube this past week and so…

If you can’t see it:


And a still from the video of the completed work which is, really well done I think…


Demoness by MrCheezful

Demoness by MrCheezful

The artist is named Mr. Cheezful, who is from Romania, and you can find their page on YouTube here which shows off many of their other artworks they have shared…

While she lacks a tail, she does have an interesting set of horns and wings that do show off her qualities as a Succubus. I think the tones in her skin are really interesting and help define her form very well. Her eyes being yellow is a bit of a departure from the usual, but works here well and the magic rising from her hands is a nice bit of action instead of having a simple pose in which she is doing nothing really…

Very nice and I do hope that this artist does some more Succubi or DeVil Girls soon…




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    Sher is lovely, but I think she is a demoness . . . a succubus would be more immediately seductive.

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