Jun 23 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 182

I haven’t shared a Deacon Black work as a Succubi of the Week on the Tale for some time… That’s not because of not liking his work, because I do like it quite a lot.

No, the reason I haven’t shared any is that I wanted to share my personal favorites of his work in sort of a mini-series…

And so, here is the my third most favourite Succubus by Deacon Black…

Bound Devil Girl by Deacon Black

I like to call this Bound Devil Girl for obvious reasons as I don’t actually know the real title of this work… You can see a larger version of this art if you click on the image above if you’d like one…

Now while her horns are a bit… okay more than a bit long, I like her tail and the outfit she is mostly wearing quite a lot really. Long dark hair is a plus naturally and while she has some interesting curves, it’s not totally over the top in nature I think.

The look in her eyes isn’t one of worry being tied up as she is, more of a “oh I am just sooo helpless and you really need to untie me don’t you?”

There is a story in that I think…

A very interesting one…

You can find more of Deacon’s works here if you would like to see more!



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