Jun 22 2011

Succubi do not need capes…

It strikes me that, for some reason that I will never understand, costumes for Succubi are appearing with capes more and more…


Why is that now becoming a “necessity” in costume designs?

Like this one.

This is apparently a Devil Lady Costume according to the manufacturer, and to be honest I have issues with that description from the moment I saw it…

The costume comes with the red dress, the cape which attaches to cuffs, the choker and the pair of horns the model is wearing. Pitchfork and shoes are not included.

I don’t care for any of this. The dress is lousy, the cape is so over the top tacky that I can’t bare looking at it, the pitchfork is laughable, and the choker is such an afterthought that I wonder why they added it save for the chance to get rid of some leftover cloth.

The horns, what little we see might be half decent, but you can’t really tell.

So, in short, this is just a mistake from the beginning to the end.

And it sells for about $29 US on most costume sites, but I wouldn’t think of buying it myself…

It gets a quarter pitchfork out of five and that’s generous I think.

As always it seems there are better costumes out there…





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    Again, there is a clear difference between Succubi and Devil Girls/Women/Ladies: the former have taste; the latter do not. Therefore, we cannot expect anything tasteful labelled Devil anything.

    As for capes: that piece of mosquito netting qualifies as a cape?

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    So they claim…


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