Temptations 117

The pursuit of happiness is, but what is the Queen of the Succubi in pursuit of?


Temptations 117

By TeraS and James


She giggled, “A girl can have wide and varied pursuits can she not? I find that the more esoteric and interesting ones seem to catch my attentions and draw my gaze…” Still gracing him with a warm smile she continued, “I think that you are incorrect in your assumptions however… Your reading has brought you to places that others will never see… your writing tells of what you have learned to those that care to listen to the words… Neither is an act of nothing, but rather acts of giving and revealing, possibly the two more important things that a soul can manage within themselves…”

She tapped her hand on the tabletop, “The melding of body and spirit is, I think, never quite equal… It teeter-totters between and around the balance point never quite managing for a moment to meet that equilibrium that it seeks. But seeking it must and so the physical world and the spiritual one trade places over and over again without end until at last they find something at the end of their travels in this world to agree upon and take to the next… and the next… and so on…”

She touched her nose, “Forever we learn, for learning is ever is it not?”


“Of course it is never quite equal.  In this world, no relationship is ever perfectly balanced, perfectly equal.  There is no perfect harmony.  There is always ebb and flow, give and take, wavers and quavers.  And that is part of the fun.  If the relationships were perfectly equal, there would be no improvisation, no syncopation, no jazz, no wondrous overtones.  That is the special joy, the special gift of things never being perfectly even.  It’s a shame more people don’t realize it.

But I still things there a tones that have been less prevalent in my repertoire.  It is understandable; I’m not exactly a dashing or particularly physically attractive sort of person.  That, combined with my own inward tendencies, means that there are many things I have experienced in only limited ways.  It’s probably for the best, somehow, leaving me to focus on the books, the students.”

James sat up straight, having been delighted by her giggle, beguiled by her eyes, and distracted,  for a moment by her touching her nose.  “You are right, learning is ever.  And I suspect you are learning about me.

“Now, exactly what may I do for you?”


The laugh was musical and sweet with not a hint of malice within it… It was a simple expression of her joy in finding such a fascinating voice in the world to talk to.

She then explained with a wink, “I thought that was supposed to be my line for you… Perhaps the questions of What do you want? or the pondering to the question of What do you need? Aren’t those both questions that bring us to learn about not just ourselves, but those around us?”

For a moment she paused and then, “And you sell yourself quite short you know… For those that can see need only know who you are within to know the real you and what, no… How important your words, thoughts and actions are to those that care to pay attention…”

“That might be the one thing that we all need to learn in our own ways and time… Given time to see that is…”



I am so very pokie even with my tail not to be seen…




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    • James on June 21, 2011 at 9:32 am

    The thing about our RP, Majesty, is that we fall into a rhythm so easily, but we seem to spend so much time with each of us trying to get the other to lead. An outgrowth of each of us trying to look out for the other’s needs, I suppose.

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    • TeraS on July 18, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Dancing is always fun with you my heart…


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