Temptations 115

My heart does have so much patience for the Queen of the Succubi even if he doesn’t know that it is her just quite yet…


Temptations 115

By TeraS and James

The sound of the chair moving was, for a moment, a concern to her. She hoped that he would not turn away from her and retreat into the shadows… She had better, more interesting, better things for him to do. To have him simply disappear between the pages and covers that surrounded them would never do.

She saw so much more than that within him…

She moved her attention away from the book she held immediately upon him and his words, favoring him with a smile she took the offered hand, “Firstly, a library is for all that visit it, regardless of race, colour or creed… more importantly, if you leave I will lose a companion in reading and truly that would be a shame…”

She placed her other hand comfortingly over his, “Now please, do stay?”

Her eyes twinkled behind their lenses, “I’m pleased to meet you James… My name is Tera…”


When he looked into Tera’s eyes, James felt the oddest sensation.  A less astute observer might have thought this was some sort of mesmerism; James’ rapt gaze might have led somebody to believe he was losing his will to her.  But, if anything, he was more completely himself, more fully aware of who he was.  And, somehow, right away, part of him felt as if he had known Tera his whole life.

When her second hand went on top of his, there was a momentary twinge, as if some baser, reptile part of his brain wanted him to run.  This woman wasn’t normal; there was something dangerous about her.  Normal people did not dress this way to study in the library, nor did they smell like Tera.

Still, he stayed.  There was the potential for danger in any relationship, but it was in opening himself up, James knew, that he was able to truly learn about others and himself.  And, if the truth be told, the thing that most often kept him away from his beloved solitary time for reading, writing, and study was something else he loved, spending time getting to know people and hear their stories.  So he was staying.

“Tera,” he repeated. “What a lovely name.  And this is a wonderful library.  Some libraries just feel like places to curl up and read.  Is there something particular that brings you here today, some particular question you seek to answer?”


She tilted her head to the left. “I seek to answer a question that for some can never be. Something to ponder that, if the right person finds the right answer, opens to them… possibilities…”

She tapped her free hand once upon his and then their hands parted, hers returning to trace upon the cover of the book she had been reading.

A nod in the direction of the skylight about them and she began, “It is said, though few still believe in this age, that the world holds both mysteries and dreams. That some become trapped in them or are changed by them into more, or less, than who and what they are. Some find that the dark is their passion, others the light, most, especially in this age are shadow. Beings not quite in the here and now, not quite part of the world and yet they are within it.”

She smiled, “The question is, what is the human soul?”



Nothing quite like asking a question that has no answer is there? Or is there an answer?



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    • James on June 7, 2011 at 9:46 am

    When one is exploriing a question with the right friend, whether there is an answer is not so important as the exploration.

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