Jun 01 2011

The Devil’s Mistress would not wear this costume…

Some of the names given to costumes are not exactly right I think. And I’m not talking about the ones that use Succubus or Devil Girl in the wrong way either. I’m talking about costumes that use a name that, which when you look at the name and the costume, you wonder, what exactly are they talking about?

A prime example of this is…. this.

And yes, I have a lot of problems with this concept and it’s execution as they show it here…

This mistake is called the Devil’s Mistress Costume and comes with the dress and a headband horns set as well and that’s it. The wig, if that is a wig, the necklace, and anything else that the model in this image might be wearing isn’t included.

It’s available for about $65 US.

First complaint is not so much the costume but the model herself. Why does she have such pale skin? I actually don’t think that she does and that someone used a lot of makeup on her to make her skin chalk white and that, honestly to me, makes this an attempt at mixing the Succubus and Vampire myths again.

Now I will admit that the wig she is wearing interests me a bit, and the horns she is wearing, if they aren’t sparkling things, is a good match for the wig she is wearing…

But otherwise, there isn’t a lot to like about this costume really…

Much too long, I can see lots of tripping in the future of anyone wearing this, and I would also expect a lot of “Morticia” comments from those that remember the Munsters television series…

Although I think that might not be as many as I think. Maybe. Regardless of that, it just seems like a very heavy thing to wear.

I suppose that taking a pair of scissors to it and shortening the length of it and fixing those awful looking sleeves might help a little bit.

But then, why start with this when you have to change so much of it?

One single pitchfork out of five for this disaster.

Better ones are out there…



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    I’m not sure how it got one pitchfork . . . the Queen must be feeling generous.

    To their credit, the perpetrators . . . ummmm, manufacturers . . . did not use the word “Succubus” in the name of this costume. Maybe the Devil just has really bad taste in Mistresses. 😉

    And, with Morticia, you are thinking of “The Addams Family.” Of course, Her Majesty is much too young to remember that.

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    LMAO great find Queeny,

    Found a new movie for the Wiki “Incubus” (1965)

    Here is the Description from Netflix:

    “A pre-“Star Trek” William Shatner stars in this bizarre horror flick about evil demons that use sex to conquer innocent souls for Satan. Wandering through an otherworldly place called Nomen Tuum, Shatner plays Marc, a decent man who battles a succubus named Kia (Allyson Ames) while trying to protect his sister from Kia’s male counterpart (Milos Milos). The real kicker? The whole script is written in the “universal language” of Esperanto.”

    I’ll get to work on the entry.

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    Too… many… jokes. Costume… so… bad. If she is the devil’s mistress, then that would mean she’s in hell. Maybe wearing that is part of her eternal torment. *huggles*

  4. avatar

    Or is far too confuzzled to remember correctly…


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    An old and odd classic Dai…


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