May 28 2011

Morrigan the Succubus returns once again…

I found another speedpainting by the artist known as Mdavis2k8 on DeviantArt of the Succubus Morrigan Aensland on YouTube, and so this week, I am going to showcase their work once more…

This time, it’s a poster of Morrigan, one of the most famous Succubi there are…

And in case the embedding fails:


And as well an image of the completed work:

While I found this work originally on YouTube, the artist, calling themselves Mdavis2k8, has a page on DeviantArt which you can find here, and as well this work on this page too.

If you visit their site, you can download a huge file of this artwork and there is a lot of nice detail work in it when you see it in that size…

I find it sort of amusing that her hair is draped over her breasts in such a way as to make anything that might be a bit on the adult side of things not visible. That’s not a complaint, just something I found interesting to me at least…

As in this artist’s other work, seen last week on the Tale, I like the shading and colouring of her skin and her body stocking, but her wings I think are the most lovely things in how well they are given a nice texture and really to me, seem very three dimensional-like…

Do visit this artist’s site on DeviantArt and have a look at his art!



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    The great thing about having Morrigan’s hair fall where it does, besides keeping the poster the appropriate side of PG-13 for public use, is that our imaginations can furnish much more delicious adult features in the mystery than any artist can draw.

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    That’s quite true my heart…


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