Temptations 113

The story of Bliss and Jay comes to an end this week… But there is always hope in the eyes and tail of a Succubi…


Temptations 113

By TeraS and Jay

Jay stood still for nearly a full minute and silently studied the four motionless figures that flickered and waved in the wind. His eyes roamed over each of them, a kind of recognition reaching his face.

“Bliss, I know these men. I feel a sense of camaraderie, of shared purpose and experience.” His hand gestured first to one silent figure, then another. “Winrich, as brave as he was short. Heinrich, quick to laugh and always with an encouraging word. Werner, who was always able to ferret out the truth no matter how well it was hidden.”

He stopped when he pointed at the specter holding the shield. “I know this one, too. I recognize him … I know him like a brother.” Frustration crossed his face. “But my memory of him is broken.” His expression turned mournful. “They fell together on the steps of the Elbing Hospitale at the height of the siege, their blood mingled with that of more than a dozen foes.”

Jay turned and faced Bliss. “Yes, they open thoughts within me. Memories of strange places and stranger people, and mayhaps not all born of men. But I see a truth now that evaded me before.”

“These men are not the door. This door is within, a wall that locks away that which is most precious, most fundamental. That is why it defies place … the door is not what is in need of finding, the key is.” He turned his head again to the shadowy figures. “They are neither door nor key, but they have shown me the door, and they may mark the road where I will find the key.”

He turned again to Bliss. “So tell me, please. How can I find this road, and what price will that knowledge cost me?”


Bliss gave a slight nod of approval, “The road is. The path is. All it needs is a single step upon it to see.”

She then raised her left hand into the air, flicked her wrist and then, a glow grew from it spiking into the air above her. She did not look up, but focused her eyes upon him, “The road passed through souls. New, old, tired, fresh… It matters not for the path connects them all. But inaction makes the path fade into nothingness…”

The glow from her hand coalesced and took solid form there. She now held a long thin sword in her hand. The hilt of gold and silver twisted and connected to her hand. The shaft straight and true, a core of gold, the cutting edges of silver, and surrounding the metal she held, sheets of flame that licked along the length of it silently. Lowering the blade to her side, the point not at him, but at the figures immobile, she continued, “Metal held does not make honour true. The possession of strength does not make you strong. The will to fight does not make you a fighter.”

In one fluid motion she moved to his side, the blade inches from his neck, now a sound in his ears of the crackling of fire and more. She smiled, not evilly, “Many have fallen to the sword of the Succubi Queen dearest warrior. By their heart for falling to her, by their will for losing it, by their bodies in losing control over them. One quick thrust and they are gone… empty husks that she can make of whatever she wishes…”

Her free hand strokes his chest, “Can you hear the cries of the ones the soul has claimed? How they shriek their innocence in one breath and then admit their guilt in the next? How they lie, cheat, and mislead to try and escape her will? How impossible it is to avoid their fate when they so richly have deserved it?” Then a single pat upon his chest, “But you warrior… I gave you my word for you have none of those things… But the ones there… Oh there is one that is not what he seems… Do you have the will to find him? Confront him? Defeat him and then… then take what is yours by not right but destiny?”

She eyed the still ones, “Or shall I simply cut them all down where they stand? To condemn them all for one’s folly?”


And so ended, at least for the moment, the tale of Jay and Bliss…

Someday perhaps to continue…



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    • James on May 24, 2011 at 9:39 am

    We know . . . we can imagine . . . the Jay most certainly accepted the quest, and met the challenge.

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    • TeraS on June 2, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    I think he would have exceeded what she expected of him…


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