May 13 2011

Lost Girl has officially begun production on Season Two this week…

This past Monday, May 9th, the series Lost Girl began season two production work in and around Toronto, and to mark that milestone, I’m going to make a few notes about what I am hoping to see this season on the series…

Lost Girl Logo

The press release from last year that Showcase put out had the following to say about what we might expect in the series this coming fall:

Season two will challenge Bo’s resolve to stay free and force her to question her own morals and beliefs. While Bo grows stronger and learns more about who she really is, relationships will be tested and passions will ignite, but answers will not come easily. Through it all, Bo will remain true to herself and loyal to those she trusts as she continues to forge a path of her own in a dangerous world. Ksenia Solo (Life Unexpected, Renegadepress.com) will return as Bo’s human confidante Kenzi, and Kris Holden-Reid (Ben Hur, The Bridge, The Tudors) returns as homicide detective Dyson.

That’s about as vague as you can possibly get I suppose without really saying what the series will be focusing on can you?

Since that release, it has also been confirmed that most of the actors and actresses that played major roles in the series will be returning. Along with Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, and Kris Holden-Reid, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins and Zoie Palmer will be returning in their roles as Trick, Hale and Lauren.

It has not been reported if Inga Cadranel will be returning as Aife, Bo’s mother, but the finale last year left the door open for her to return and it would I think be interesting to see where that might go in the series lore if she does.

It also is not clear if Paul Amos will be returning as Vex, possibly Bo’s arch nemesis in the series, which I am hoping for as the story between him and Bo isn’t nearly a completed story and would makes for an interesting undercurrent to the season.

The finale left questions as to what the relationship between Bo and Dyson will be like in the beginning of this new season. It would appear that he would no longer love Bo, which would mean that she’ll be completely confused at his attitude when she next sees him. The question then becomes whether or not the first episode will deal with Bo trying to fix what happened to him, or, more likely I fear, that she’ll turn to someone else and that their relationship will stall for most of the season.

At the end of the series, Bo promised Lauren that they would talk about things and try to come to an understanding with each other over what happened because of The Ashes interference in their relationship. Can Bo forgive her? Can Lauren forgive herself?

If that happens, then does that mean that Lauren becomes the new love for Bo and the love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson is removed? Personally I think that would be a mistake as there is so much opportunity in the friction between them to keep the relationships active that losing it would harm the series more than help it.

But how to solve the problem? Does Bo turn to Trick for a solution?

But is Trick still able to help?

He was gravely injured at the end of the season and he could well be dying at the start of the new one. So then we have two plot points to solve in the first episode. Fix Dyson (Yes I know how that sounds thanks), or save Trick? Or both? Or neither?

And for gosh sakes don’t pull a Dallas shower scene on us and say that everything that happened at the end of the first season was a dream. Put some effort into the first episode please and show us the quality of the series hasn’t declined from where you left us…

Now there are several things that I would love to see this year but I honestly do not expect it to happen.

I want to see Bo dressed better this year than last year. Let’s see some of the Succubus sexiness that was hinted at last season and give us a look at what Bo can really be as a Succubus.

I want to see Bo with horns and a tail. Red ones. This will never happen I realize, but darn it I would love to see it happen if only to have a moment of seeing her as a classic Succubus in form.

I want to see Kenzi get into a relationship with Hale. The signs are all there, and it would I think be an interesting counterpoint to Dyson and Bo. Moreover, it would give Hale something that he hasn’t seem to have had in the series so far. One person to really care about and that other person knows his does. There have been hints of how he feels about Kenzi, lets see that.

I’d like to see more of the background of the Succubi in this world. How did they come to be. But more so, I would like to know if there is a Succubus Queen in that universe and who she is. And I’d like to know if Bo might be one.

Incubi. There are Succubi, there have to be Incubi. Let’s see one or more of them. How do they relate to Succubi? What happens when they meet? Are they simply the male version of Succubi in the series or something else?

Stay tuned…

The series return is tentatively scheduled for September 11, 2011.




  1. avatar

    I am already putting in an order for crates of throwing-grade popcorn, Majesty.

    Are you sure Bo’s tail and horns would be red? I’m not so sure . . .

  2. avatar

    Well, it is more that they would have some kind of horns and tail on her…

    And they would be red because that’s well… expected?


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