A review of Demon of Her Dreams by Sherrill Quinn…

Time for another book review of Incubus delights on the Tale… I’ll be returning to more Succubus stories next time, but I rather enjoyed this story and wanted to share it today…

The story proves, once again, that it is possible to find yourself and your love in places you wouldn’t have expected… But then, fate, or prophecy has a hand in that doesn’t it?

Demon of Her Dreams by Sherrill Quinn

Demon of Her Dreams by Sherrill Quinn

The book blurb describes the story as:

Sassy Devils, LLC is a conglomerate of good and evil headed up by the Big Guy Himself, controlling all aspects of otherworldly interaction with humankind.

Urian is a son of the Devil — literally — an incubus working for the Demon Division. His assignment brings him back into the life of human Hailey, a woman he’s fallen in love with through the sex dreams they’ve shared over the years.

Hailey isn’t sure how to deal with this recent twist in her reality. The man of her dreams is really a demon and she discovers other supernatural beings are taking advantage of the magic of Halloween. And her relationship with Urian makes her a mighty tasty target.

Their passion burning hotter than the flames of hell, it takes both of them to bring things to an explosive climax.

The story begins with a look at the management of the upper planes of the universe in which we see various beings of myth and legend attempting to get along together. During this, the Devil reveals that his son, known as Urian Vadkis, is infiltrating an opposing group that is trying to tip the scales between good and evil and wreck the universe as it is.

Following that, we meet Urian for the for the first time at a meeting of a group called the Brotherhood of the Red Claw. It is made of similar beings as the others are, but with a tendency towards the dark and nightmares in particular.

They are making plans for All Hallow’s Eve and assignments are being given out to each being there. When Urian gets his, he finds to his horror that he must terrorize the one woman he loves to be with, but only in her dreams, Hailey Kovac, and make it such that she will be forever afraid to love.

We then meet Halley, and her dreams in which Urian appears after being away from her, she having finally not the nightmares of late, but the erotic dreams of her past once more. She awakens from it with Urian’s words to her to remember him. And after a gargoyle attacks her the next day and Urian saves her, the story between them really begins to take shape…

Halley is, occasionally, frustratingly unaware of what is going on around her. That might be a personality trait, or the decision to make her independent, but with a hole in her soul that needs attending to. Regardless, she is strong in her own way, but the fears within her pop up throughout the story. It’s also a little disconcerting at some points in the story when she gets past the odd situation she is in, and does something, only to fall back into confusion once more…

But love does that sort of thing doesn’t it?

Urian seems very much like a fish out of water, or an Incubus without his pitchfork, at points in the story. Halley seems to have a really distracting effect on him which does cause some real problems for him, and Halley at the worst possible times.

The love scenes between the two of them have moments of laughter and then steamingly  erotic descriptions of what Halley does to Urian and vice versa. While some of it does at moments seem a little bit over the top, that works in how this story is crafted…

You see, there is a lot of humour to be seen. It’s not a story that takes itself too seriously, which is nice and adds to the joy of reading this work. One example is the gargoyle that appears in the story who’s name is Chuck. After reading that, you know full well that the story is going to take a lot of the myths we know and twist them at the least or put them on their head at the most…

The author managed to do that really well…

The writing was very good with no flaws in grammar or spelling that I could make out in it. I wasn’t pulled from the story at all when I read it, which I appreciated very much. The characters all had personality and I knew who was talking if it wasn’t clearly mentioned in the scene. That’s a sign of an author who has wonderful characters in their works…

I’m going to give this eBook four out of five pitchforks.

I would have liked to see more of the workings of this universe, and the climax between good and evil, when it happens is not shown to us, though we see the aftermath of it. I wish that the author had taken about two more pages to show us what happened there and then.

Bottom line, liked it, recommend it, and wishing the author well always…





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    • James on May 8, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    It sounds like an interesting story. I’m not sure I like the premise about the nature of the universe as a business with those in management preferring neither good nor evil but the status quo; seems rather overly cynical to me, but that is just me.

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    • TeraS on June 2, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    It is that, but I did overlook it for the overall story…


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