Temptations 110

To question the why is not the question, but to see the how is more than that…

So the Queen of the Succubi thinks…


Temptations 110

By TeraS and Jay

Jay moved his head back in slight surprise when the tail poked in his direction. He absently studied it while his mind processed.

“You seem quite insightful, Bliss. Rather more so than …” He sentence cut off as her lips touched his cheek. His eyes closed for a moment and a tiny suppressed shudder twitched his shoulders. When she pulled back his eyes reopened and he visibly shook himself down and began to step deliberately and easily to keep the surprising creature before him … well … before him.

Jay swallowed a little thickly. “Well, then. Forgive my lack of accurate knowledge of your kind mi’lady, but I’m not sure what to make of that. While you hardly seem the evil and vile demoness of myth, I must confess that I still find you slightly alarming. And I don’t know whether you’ve just blessed me, cursed me, or none or all of the above. I don’t know anything, so I pray you’ll forgive me for being just a touch on edge and not take it as a personal affront.” He gave a kind of wry grimace. “To the point, I’m morally certain that I couldn’t hurt you if I tried, and that you could catch me effortlessly were I to attempt to run. Though of course that don’t absolve me of the obligation to try.”

Restrain yourself Jay, he mentally admonished. She hasn’t proven hostile yet. So she’s incredibly insightful and perceptive. No harm there. So she kissed you. It was on the cheek … is that truly harmful? No proof, stop escalating. Control that breathing, keep in motion, don’t make an unknown situation into a hostile one when it wasn’t already. Godsdamn it, you know better than this; stop trying to panic at the unknown, unexpected, and startlingly attractive. Also stop monologueing, she seems to be … right. Shutting up.

“I sincerely hope I’m going off on the wild end. And if I’m completely off the mark, then I’m hoping some compassion you’ll give me, Bliss.”

Jay pressed his lips together as he thought for a moment, then exhaled slowly and visibly detensed. “If we choose whether to be blessed or cursed, then I would choose to be blessed.”

He stopped moving and planted his feet, following Bliss with his eyes but allowing his head to remain still. Pulse quickening, he continued, “You ask for my promise not to do something foolish … that much is easily granted.”

Jay raised his right hand up in an open-handed gesture of honesty. “I promise not to attack the person I know as Bliss, or to intentionally act in such a manner as to cause her harm, so long as she is willing to hold herself bound to the same agreement in kind.” A smile creased his face. “Not a difficult promise, especially if you’ll return it … it’s actually a rule that I find easy to live by.”

He briefly closed his eyes and rolled his head across his shoulders, popping his neck several times before opening his eyes again. “Forgive me the asking if I sound presumptuous, but … how does one such as you find an interest in one such as me?”



She tilted her head to the right and then pointed a finger at her horns as she explained, “The trappings of legends do not, necessarily, mean that the words are as true as the legends truly were… or are for that matter…”

For a moment after that, her tail corkscrewed into a question mark before she added with bemusement, “Only slightly alarming? How quaint… I shall have to make a note of that and add more… excitement to my appearances in the future… Perhaps making the sun set in the east and rise in the west?”

A wave of the hand that had been pointing at her horns and, “But I jest… Such parlour tricks are for those that are lesser things and care only for their image and not their own truths…”

Then she pointed one finger in the air and spoke quite seriously, “I have not promised to cause you ill will my dear warrior, and unlike some you might have met in your past, I keep my word and keep it well for honour, to me, is most…”

At his promise towards her, she nodded and simply said, “And I shall keep my word in the agreement you have spoken.”

A warm smile and then she answered his question about her interest with one simple word.


Expecting that would be insufficient to satisfy his question she continued as her hands moved down to idly pass over her long boots, “The questions that have been at the point of most of creation has been the questions of why are, where are, when are. But to the specific point of you, dear warrior, it is quite simple…”

A tilt of her head to the left and as a lock of hair passed over her right eye she surprised him with the answer…

“You called me.”


Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

We’ll find out…



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    • James on May 3, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Always a good thing . . . though not everyone realizes it right off.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on June 2, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    But it is more interesting that way isn’t it?


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