Apr 30 2011

Lilith, Vampires and YouTube…

There is something that really bothers me. Why is it that people keep calling Lilith a vampire when she is, quite clearly, a Succubus?

Her’s another example of this problem:

And as a link:


Now this video is obviously from the 80s movie called Bordello of Blood, which is about vampires of course, so this isn’t really, all that much a surprise that Lilith, as a character in this video at least, is a vampire.

But she isn’t, and that’s bothersome to me.

As well, if this was Lilith, she isn’t exactly being seductive as a Succubus would be, but, as happens in this movie, she’s more a monstrous, bloody creature…

It’s a shame when you have to use lesser means like that…


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