Apr 29 2011

It’s supposedly a special day in the Realm of the Succubi…

It’s supposedly a special day in the Realm of the Succubi today… Now from what I am told by my heart, it is a holiday there…

Even though I honestly don’t think that my birthday isn’t that important really…

Now while that may be true, I suppose that for here in this world I’ll have to make do with sharing a manip and a story that I have been working for for a while now…

Funny thing is that I don’t think that it’s one of my best works, but I do have to admit that I liked the image when I first saw it and only had to alter a few little things…

But then, what is the question that image brings?

Questions by TeraS

Questions by TeraS

The text of the piece I am posting here as well, much thanks to my heart for his editing to make it better…

You have questions in your mind . . .
What are you doing here? How did you get here? And why exactly are you wearing a collar?
Then you notice her there, lounging quite comfortably . . .

watching you. . . smiling.

The questions in your mind become fuzzy . . .
Your heart beats ever so slightly quicker . . .
But one thought becomes very clear and solid in your mind:
It’s the Succubi Queen’s Birthday . . .
And you wonder if you might be the gift she has been expecting . . .
And the smile on her lips makes the answer to that quite plain, doesn’t it?
And you are frightened . . .
then you accept . . .
then you are anxious . . .
So why don’t you cuddle up to Tera like the good petyou are . . .
And all of your questions will disappear forever.

Much love and huggles to my online family…

You are always with me and for that I will forever be grateful…


Birthday Girl Tera


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    Love the piccy. Now, how many b-day spankings would you like? 😉 Happy Birthday, Mistress.

  2. avatar

    Much love!

  3. avatar

    As her Keith gives her horns a good rubbing
    and massages her, he won’t be flubbing!
    Soon he’s rubbing her tail,
    knowing that will not fail
    to give a fete so much wilder than clubbing.

    So let’s leave them tonight and beyond, eh?
    For our Queen deserves fore-, during-, aft-play,
    with some chocolates and cakes,
    which a messy bed makes
    but which sets off a fine Happy Birthday!!

  4. avatar

    Of course your birthday is important, Milady, and I celebrate it gladly! May it be a wonderful day to you, and once again, lovely piece!

    Yours truly,


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    Happy Birthday lil Lady.

  6. avatar

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best and hoping that your tail behave herself today.

  7. avatar

    *huggles for you all*

    Thank you all for your love and being part of my life…


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