Apr 21 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 173

For this week’s Succubus, I found one that is Anime based, so her looks do not include a tail or horns, but she does have the wings, head and otherwise, that Morrigan Aensland has…

Oh, and she’s cute too!


Cute Succubus by Nironiro

Cute Succubus by Nironiro



The image here is at the full size that I have of it, so clicking on it will not, sorry to say, provide a larger version of it. ((Click on it! Have a bigger version now!))

She needs a tail.

That’s all I ask for, just one mischievous tail and she’s just about perfect as sort of a “girlfriend” Anime Succubus, which I happen to think is a lovely idea for a story sometime…

It strikes me that she could be in college or something like that, based on what she looks like and all of those books around her… Mebby a magic school or something?

It might be interesting….

Should anyone have an idea of the artist, who this character is, or anything else, please leave a comment!


Thanks to Keiichi81, a reader of the Tale who left a comment that revealed the artist of the work is called Nironiro, and also left a link to a larger version of this work as well!

I’ve updated the image here on the Tale with the larger version, so you can now click on the piccy and have a better look!

Lots of thank yous and huggles!




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    As usual, Majesty, I have no idea about the artist, but am leaving a comment anyway.

    I look at her, and am reminded of the legendary Realm Library, and thinking somebody must have the job of re-shelving books, maybe an intern or trainee of some sort, who takes a responsibility for certain books upon herself . . .

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    Maybe the tail doesn’t conform to the dress code, so she has to keep it hidden?

    Hard to believe, though, as her every other asset are pretty visible. I really like her expression and what is says about her: maybe she’s shy and bookish, quite different from her succubi sisters and therefore ignored, dressing as she is just because its the only way she is familiar with but far more interested in reading than seducing.

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    Hmm.. I do wonder.. How did the Queen tuck her otherworldly appendages during her childhood (school) days?

  4. avatar

    And that story should be written someday…

    Along with all of the rest in my thoughts…


  5. avatar

    There has to be a story there HIM…

    Wish that I could express it well…


  6. avatar

    Oh Ernie…

    I never hide my tail…

    She’d be really mad if that happened…


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    Artist is nironiro. You can find a full-size version here: http://www.gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1040589

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    Many thanks! I’ll update the post accordingly!


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    I believe she is Koakuma from Touhou Project

  10. avatar

    Thank you for the info!


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