Temptations 108

Some battles are more interesting when they are of the mind rather than of the body. But is it that having the battle with a Queen of the Succubi means she attacks both or is she more… subtle than that?


Temptations 108

By TeraS and Jay

Jay pursed his lips. “Perhaps I should clarify. Civilization as a whole is too much for me to worry about as an individual. I accept a lesser scope of vision to allow myself greater power within that scope. I can’t change the whole world, but I can help my corner of it.”

He took a moment to control his breathing before continuing. “And, I must admit, your presence rocks me on my equilibrium. I apologize in advance if I misstep or think before speaking.” Jay grimaced for a heartbeat. “Er, make that speak before thinking.”

He cleared his throat and continued. “So I do hope you’ll pardon me my indiscretion, Bliss. And perhaps you could teach me what I could learn to not offend those such as you again.” He took on a thoughtful look, ” ‘Arm me with knowledge and I will be strong. Equip me with ignorance to lead me to fail.’ I hold strongly to that saying.”

Jay turned his head to follow Bliss as she walked around him, outer body language broadcasting a deceptive calm though tension remained visible to a careful and talented observer. With her final sentence, his face and body became more obviously tensed. “They’re not ‘just words’ to me. It’s the creed of the Teutonic Knights, I discovered it and it seemed to call out to me. Though by your familiarity with it, I suspect you already knew the origin. Call me a romantic, but I always bought into the whole ‘help the needy, defend the innocent, heal the hurting’ even after most people gave it for the harsher realities of life. To me, a position of strength bears the responsibility to assist others, not the opportunity to abuse it.” He licked his lips before continuing. “I’ve helped the oppressed rebuild their lives, I’ve defended the right of the individual to make their own path in life without their government telling them what to do.” He sighed deeply. “And it’s drained me. It seems … no matter how much one throws at the wall, nothing seems to stick. Sacrifices made to an ungrateful cause are an act of futility, aren’t they?”

Jay crossed his arms and briefly manipulated his lower lip with his fingers. “You mystify me, Bliss. You exude both a propensity for danger and an aura of innocence that perhaps belies your nature. It’s why I can’t help but be both open and guarded. I find myself fascinated by the mysteries you pose, though perhaps pursuing them …. may be unwise?”

She allowed the smallest frown to touch the edges of her lips, “Doing the right thing matters. If to yourself you are true, then your actions, your words and your heart reflect that in the eyes of others and is plain to see. You should never judge yourself against those that have no concept of truth, honour, and more importantly, compassion.”

Pausing in front of him again, her tail sort of poke-pointed at him, “You know that within you. More so, you trace the path of those that held those things above all else. Proud yet compassionate and noble beings that knew that defending the weak and those in need was more than a calling. It was what they were brought to the world to be and do.”

She walked to Jay’s left and then asked, “To know that your name might be forgotten over the passing of time, but your actions would be remembered and bear the fruit of teaching the next to see what you did as good and just… That is more important. To be a knight is… To be more than a knight… That is something that few called that in your world’s past and present can understand well.”

She was silent again as she continued to walk, but then she stopped her pacing and before Jay could react to her, she was so very close to him, her breath warm and pleasant against his cheek. Before that fully registered on his senses, Jay would feel her lips soft and gentle upon that cheek, a quick peck upon that cheek before she  traced a finger along that cheek and asked, “Pursuing a dream in spite of the cost is foolish… But you have taken the path of truth and so, in that, you have, proud warrior, shown that you have mind, will and action within you… That intrigues me as well…”


Perhaps it is unwise to have an intrigued Succubi Queen?

We’ll see…



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    • James on April 19, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Pursuing a dream in spite of the cost is indeed foolish, but, for the right kind of dream, it is the only way to live.

    Intriguing the Succubi Queen is indeed very dangerous, but it is a danger that is worth having for the potential reward.

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    • TeraS on May 1, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    One would hope so…


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