Apr 17 2011

Angels vs. Devils – An Art Collection…

I was in a book store with my Eternal this weekend and we were poking around the used book section of it hoping to find something of a Succubi nature there…

And we found something quite interesting, even though it has been available since last year…

Furious - Angels Vs Devils Published by SQP

  • Title: Furious – Angels Vs Devils
  • Editor: Sal Quartuccio
  • Publishing Date: March 29, 2010
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • ISBN-10: 0865622027
  • ISBN-13: 978-0865622029
  • Available at Amazon here
  • Price: Varies, Ours was $6

This work is a compilation of art by artists such as James Ryman, Mitch Byrd, Brian Leblanc, Pelaez, Maraschi, and several others.

The book is not a graphic novel, but rather almost a coffee table edition of these artist’s works.

The images in this book are all of Angels and Demons, or, as I seem some of them, Succubi in all sorts of different situations. And in a lot of them, the Angels are not exactly all innocent by far…

Oh there are the occasional works of art like the cover, which show them at odds with each other, but even in those moments, there is a very strong undercurrent of sexuality in all of the art here.

SQP has produced several other books that also display art, individually, of many other fantasy beings, there are book that cover Angels alone as well as Devils. This is, as far as I can find, the only one that is promoted as having them together in one work…

I really do like the art very much, though the number of tails in it are rather limited. It’s a bit of a shame that bat-like wings are to some artists what makes a Devil girl or Succubus, but I still question that as, for Succubi at least, wings make having fun a bit of a problem in bed most of the time…

I’ll place it in the top ton artbooks we own, it would have been nicer as a hardcover rather than a softcover, but then I suppose the subject matter in a way doesn’t seem to be enough to have one…

I’ll give it four out of five pitchforks.

Lovely art, would have been happier if it was a little larger in format and on better paper than it was produced on…



  1. avatar

    Sounds interesting. Wouldn’t the wings be just as much a logistical problem for the angels as the succubi? And the incubi who spend a bit of time on the bottom, as well.

    Perhaps, as in the movie “Michael,” wings are retractable . . .

  2. avatar

    I just think that wings get in the way…

    Has to be a simple way to get around them on occasion…


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