Apr 15 2011

A Succubus with a really big Pitchfork…

Zazzle for some reason is becoming more and more… succubish? Shall we say? There seems to be more and more items on sale there with Devil Girls or Succubi, which I am thankful to the many artists there for… And this time, I found a Succubus with a really big pitchfork… This I think is just a classic image of a mischievous Succubus by far… It is the work of someone calling themselves Chickwhipped, and you can find their site on Zazzle here and the page I found this work here too…

I found it as a fridge magnet, but it appears on all sort of things like shirts, ties, bags, cards, mousepads and so on… There are few images of Succubi that have that touch of mischievousness in them, this one has that by far. Her smile, stance, the casual way she holds her pitchfork…

All just deliciously Succubi in nature which I just love…

There is another work by this artist on his page that have a similar feel to it, that being of a rather naughty Fae that again, just seems exactly right in so many ways…

Please do have a look!



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    Very cute and interesting stuff . . . that smile looks so very much like the smile on a certain banner for a certain blog I seem to frequent (probably just as an annoyance to the webmistress).

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    *snugs the silly*


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