Apr 14 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 172

This week’s Succubi is a small image I admit, but the style of it and the look of her I think is wonderfully seductive…

There is no larger version of this art that I have been able to find, and the quality is a little bit on the poor side, but I really liked it when I first saw it and so…

There is the smallest of signatures on the work, but I can’t make it out at all. It might be Jane D, but I can’t tell for certain to be honest…

I love the overall look of this Succubi, especially the boots and outfit she is wearing. The wings seem a little bit odd and I was a bit confused with how her tail goes behind her and underneath her wings as well… Her horns are just about the right size that I personally like, if slightly odd somehow… Still, her expression is lovely and seductive… All in all a tummy example of a Succubi…

I’m also almost sure that she reminds me of an actress somehow, but I can’t quite place who she is at the moment..

As always, anyone that knows this artist, please post a comment!


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