Temptations 107

A Succubi Queen does not reveal all to those that appear to her for doing so gains them little in the way of knowledge.. So they must try…


Temptations 107

By TeraS and Jay

Jay started when his visitor tweaked his nose. Trying to cover his momentary surprise, he rubbed his nose with his hand and cleared his throat. “Yeah, I was beginning to realize that. I’m not really sure I believe the picture, but I think I get the basic outline. The horned and tailed outline that’s entirely too shapely to be anything except one.”

By this point, he had managed to replace his sleeping pants with a pair of deep blue jeans though he didn’t replace his shirt, a plain white T-shirt emblazoned with the Iron Cross of the Teutonic Knights and their motto “Helfen, Wehren, Heilen”. (Help, Defend, Heal)  Slowly and with hands open at his sides in a non-threatening manner, he rustled out of his sleeping back and rose to his bare feet. Jay’s instincts were firing on all cylinders, but their reactions were contradictory, giving him conflicting impressions. The otherworldly creature before him was both powerful and fragile, steely-cored and empathetic, alluring as a luna moth and hazardous as a hidden shoal.

Seeing clearly that she was not going to be put on edge so easily and give him control of the conversation, he switched tactics. “Civilization as a whole is of little concern of mine. Civility, on the other hand, is a virtue that I’m sure any thinking being can embrace, regardless of the differences between them. After all, it’s the very basis for peaceful relations, is it not? And I would prefer not to raise your ire, if it’s all the same to you.”

Jay made a graceful half-bow, never letting his eyes leave her form. Though his body language radiated an outward layer of calm, a careful and trained observer (or one who could “taste” his emotional state) would notice his weight carefully balanced on the balls of his feet, displaying a layer of tension that was carefully prevented from approaching his face.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” he clarified after returning upright. “Normally invoked when a person breaks a law they have every reason to know but claim they weren’t told about. If I have broken such a law, please tell me. And why the one sent to …” a momentary pause while he searched for the right word, “… to collect or pardon me bears the traits you bear.” An eyebrow arched. “Indeed, I begin to wonder why you’re here. A pardon is customarily an unearned gift to those who intended no harm or were of questionable guilt. What is it you want from me for such forgiveness and absolution?”

He rolled his shoulders carefully, and regarded her again. “They also say ignorance is bliss. Since you leave me ignorant of your name, I may just call you Bliss.”

Her tail sort of poked at the air. “No concern? How odd… Are you then more concerned with yourself over others or are you simply trying to cover up a shortcoming with yourself?”

She smiled at the way he held himself, it was quite obvious that he was a warrior. Not so much in his stance or his manners but in his words. Words that were in their way tightly controlled and well positioned as weapons to be borne… But the thing was that bearing your weapons before knowing what exactly you faced was, in her eyes, a grievous error…

Still he did ask for forgiveness, something that few ever did until it was either too late or worse.

Idly she wondered if his word was as good as his bond or would other things draw him to break both…

She tapped a finger against her lips, “Bliss? I don’t think anyone has had the temerity to call me that… Still I rather like it… So until you discover my true name, you can call me that…”

The tapping stopped for a moment, “Just be careful when you call out for bliss my dear…”

She then walked around him as if sizing him up. Noting his shirt she asked, “Whom have you helped? Whom have you defended? Have you healed yourself?”

Stopping to his right she continued, “Are they just words to you? Or do you truly understand what they mean?”


I have to admit that I rather liked the name of Bliss…



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    • James on April 12, 2011 at 9:33 am

    “Bliss” is a name that suits you in many important ways, Dear One.

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    • TeraS on May 1, 2011 at 5:31 pm



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