Temptations 106

Sparring with the Queen of the Succubi can be interesting… Physically is not needed when you have her interest you know…


Temptations 106

By TeraS and Jay

Jay’s eyes opened when he felt the whirling winds pick up, shutting again moments later to protect them from drying out. Once the wind stopped, he slit his eyes just enough to peer out of them. He saw the figure standing in the wind’s source, and his breath picked up. She was a vision of loveliness standing there, and he felt the stirrings of interest despite his confusion. His eyes swung back and forth between her green eyes and her tail as she posed her question.

Jay reached inside himself for the core of strength he had spent years cultivating for those rare occasions it was needed. After taking a breath to form his thoughts, he languidly opened his eyes. “Possibly both, as I seem utterly ignorant of such places, should they exist.” Eyes now fully open, he took another moment to take in the exotic form before him and commit it to memory before sitting up in his sleeping bag. “But this is hardly an occasion for rudeness. My name is Jay Allen, I don’t believe I caught yours. I apologize for not rising, but I consider myself to be rather … under-dressed for the occasion beneath this sleeping bag. If you’ll give me a moment, I’ll throw on something more fit for company and perhaps we can chat more amicably, like civilized folk.” He managed to sound slightly reproving, though his seated position undermined his body language somewhat.

He held his breath in, gauging her reaction. It was obvious he was either dreaming or in the presence of something woefully outside his experience, and he was not prepared to hop up in his rather colorful sleeping clothes and pinch her to see if she was real. Still, his instincts told him two things : take caution, and don’t be the one off balance. In trademark fashion, he rejected one and embraced the other.

Casually she began to walk around the circle of mushrooms, looking occasionally at him and then the land around them both, “Civilisation. In the same moment it is both curse and boon for your kind Jay. Would it be that the boon you have would not be at the expense of Earth herself… But then you make your bed and you lay in it do you not?”

She remained there, just out of reach still considering his words before the hint of a smile appeared on her lips and she replied, “I haven’t told you my name.” She cocked her lips to the right and then continued, “What is that quaint expression that your people have? Ah yes… Ignorance is no excuse is it not? Shall I extend that rule to what you have done or shall I… pardon you? And what would that cost you to have that Jay?”

She watched him rustle around there on the ground for a moment before she leaned down, reached out a hand towards his nose and gave it a tweak before saying, “Oh and you are not dreaming by the way…”

She straightened up again, and pointed at her horns, “Get the picture?”


The Queen can be silly can’t she?



    • avatar
    • James on April 5, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Not necessarily silly so much as playful, and toying with her . . . dare I say prey? . . . here.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on May 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Oh I think it’s silly really…



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