This could be a sexier Succubus costume really…

Sometimes I wonder what defines a Devil Woman or Succubus costume to some of the people that create costumes in that sort of theme… I still believe that, really, the point of having a costume that is “devilish” is to be sexy and look like it…

But this? This needs work to be close to sexy…

Even the name isn’t that great to be honest either… This is called the Lady Lucifer costume and comes with a red polyester dress with pitchfork buckled front details and the pair of clip on horns in the picture. The pitchfork  and boots are not part of the costume but can be bought separately of course if you want them…

It’s just… well… boring really. It looks wrong, shapes wrong to the body and it’s a bad sign when I’m more interested in the boots than I am in the costume itself.

The pitchfork buckles are too gaudy and do nothing for the entire look and really if that is all that draws your attention, then why not plaster them all over the dress?

I’m also not pleased that they show off a pitchfork when it’s not included and, moreover, I’m not that thrilled by the horns that came with the costume either.

There are so many things that could have been done better with this idea to be honest. But the model I think has the right Succubus attitude to show this off, but really as much as I think she looks right in the Succubus way, that can’t help this costume to become more than it is.

You can find this generally for about $40 US, but it has appeared for as little as $15 US on some websites on a clearance deal I think.

If everything came with the costume, I’d keep the boots and the horns and leave the rest behind because, really, the dress just isn’t right for what it should be…

One half pitchfork out of five.

Leave me the horns and boots and junk the rest…


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    • James on March 30, 2011 at 9:22 am

    *Resisting a comment on how much Her Majesty’s Eternal might enjoy the costume were she to keep just the boots and the horns*

    So, overall, Majesty, you are saying, “Why bother?”

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