Temptations 105

There is a person on the Garden that I haven’t seen for some time and worry about greatly…

This is what we created in the time that we had together…


Temptations 105

By TeraS and Jay

Jay is weary. Nearly a decade spent in the defense of the people, he sees his upcoming unemployment looming in the near future due to manpower reductions. The world as he sees it has changed since he last looked closely … and he’s rather certain it wasn’t for the better.

Following the advise of a friend, Jay takes a trip to the mountains to rest and recharge his batteries. He’s taken a full month off from work, and told his provider to halt his cell phone service. He sets his sleeping bag up in a small glade, in a curious ring of mushrooms he spotted. Unnoticed by him, the mushrooms form a round pattern not quite a circle … and the place may have more history than anyone could guess.

Succubi live on energy… The most tasteful and powerful being that of sex for they are creatures who know that best. They do however, not always have to feed on the act of sex, the needs of desire, or the passions therein…

Sometimes, they ask of the world to help them to survive…

Tera had, eons ago, done a favor of the forests, and in return, the forest spirits had given her permission to, if needed, take a small amount of their energies to keep her alive and, if it was possible, save her from taking a life…

Something that she had not done for sometime…

The portal opened silently in the middle of the circle of mushrooms, invisible to the naked eye, but the wind that whipped up was very obvious to Jay. The vortex lasted for less than a minute and then dissipated as  quickly as it had appeared.

Tera stood there looking at the being that was intruding upon this sacred place. She was wearing thigh-high black heeled boots, a black and gold corset, and a blood red wrap around skirt slit down both sides… Her raven hair was in its usual long messy shape ending just above her waist, a smile upon her red lips and her green eyes focused upon what greeted her on this side of the portal…

She crossed her arms over her chest, her long red tail cocked to the left behind her as she pondered this man. Idly she wondered if his first reaction was going to be terror and then flight or if this one was of stronger stuff…

Touching the edge of his soul for a moment, she smiled at what she sensed before asking him, “Do you normally intrude on places of magic or are you simply unaware of where you are right now warrior?”


Hoping and wishing Jay…



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    • James on March 29, 2011 at 8:55 am

    This could have been such a nice story . . . and I also hold Jay in my thoughts.

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    • TeraS on March 29, 2011 at 10:18 am



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