Mar 26 2011

Another Morrigan Aensland YouTube to share…

There are quite a few Morrigan Aensland YouTubes popping up recently, and of course as she is probably the best known modern era Succubus, that’s not a surprise…

Here’s another one that I like…

And if there is no embedding:


The music is interesting and there are quite a lot of images of Morrigan that are very good, but there are, I admit, a few of them that aren’t exactly flattering to Morrigan…

I think that my personal fav is the one at the very beginning of the video which makes her look very cute, and that’s important I think as sexy and cute for Morrigan go together really well…

Next time I have found an odd series of Morrigan Dancing YouTubes which are… interesting…

But that’s for next week…



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    A cute little video. It does make obvious how some people render Morrigan better than others. And, in just a few, I wondered if they were rendering Morrigan at all.

  2. avatar

    I suppose that we have our own ideas of her….


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