Mar 24 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 169

This week’s image is, I have to admit, not quite a Succubus, but it does fit nicely into the mythos I have of the Realm and of the Succubi in it…

Or more precisely, the AngelKitties within it.

Now I am calling her an AngelKitty, but the artist I am sure has another idea of what she is. The artist is named, according to the signature on the artwork Exile. I found this image here if you want to see that and a larger version of this work as well.

I just like the cute in this image. AngelKitties are supposed to be cute in their catgirl forms and I think that the idea of a catgirl with Succubus horns is a neat idea and would help to define them better… It’s also true that the Kitties have angel wings in their kitten form so perhaps in their Catgirl form they are a little different?

Nonetheless it’s an inspiring idea…



  1. avatar

    I would have thought that, in their catgirl form, angel kitties might hide their wings. I just think the wongs would get in the way for some things. But maybe that is just me.

  2. avatar

    She might have just appeared and is in the middle of transforming?


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