A review of The Life Not Lived by Michelle Houston

I found an eBook some time ago on Amazon that I wanted to buy, but I didn’t have at the time anything to read it on. That was when you needed a Kindle to read books from Amazon and then I forgot about it.

I found it again on Smashwords and thanks to the various formats there I was able to read a story that, to me, is a touching heartfelt example of what a Succubus could be…

The story is about:

We all have those moments in our lives we wish we could take back. Natasha has come to regret the choices she has made in her life, the biggest one being turning away from the one woman she had ever loved. But thanks to a late night visit from a succubus and a magical diary that found its way into her life, she can have a second chance. If she’s willing to take a leap of faith…

Natasha, as the story begins, has divorced her husband and is trying to begin her life anew. As part of that she collects antique furniture to replace that which her husband took when he left her life leaving her their home in an amicable settlement.

In one piece she has bought, she discovers a diary and within it she finds that people can write a wish in it, and they seem to come true, but at a cost to the one that wishes for it. For a time she goes around in circles thinking about that, and the love she once had in her past.

A long time ago, before she met her husband, she was in a relationship with a woman named Lydia, but Natasha at the time found she couldn’t love her back and broke off that relationship Now alone, she thinks about Lydia often and regrets that choice.

Eventually, one night, a Succubus appears in her bedroom and helps her to make a choice about the life she didn’t lead, but wishes she would have.

The thing about this story that I like is that it is stated that Succubi do not consume the souls of humans, but instead feed on the sexual emotions they give. That fits nicely into one of my primary mythos of my Succubi and Incubi, so that part of the story was very attractive to me.

It’s hard to talk about the Succubus too much as doing so would remove a lot of the mystery in the story, so I will only say that as a Succubus, as one that isn’t evil and does’t need to be, I loved her so very much by the time that the story came to its closure.

There are some lovely sensual sapphic moments in the story, slow passionate lovely moments between the characters that felt right in so many ways. The love that was in the story, that was shared between the women in it, seemed true to the characters and the longing that Natasha feels in the story for her past love seals the story for me.

The author’s words are descriptive, but gentle in nature. It’s not necessary to scream out the moments of passion to convey the passion between the characters and that I think is a rare ability. The scenes are hot without being crass and that is something that I personally enjoy…

Again, this work is one of those that is showing a world, one little part of it, but then closes the door on it leaving so many questions unfulfilled. I would have liked to learn more about the Succubi and Incubi than the short little sentence that explains what they are and moreso, how they came to be in this world…

A lovely piece of writing well done.

I’m going to give this work four pitchforks out of five…

Lots of questions left behind, would have been nice to explore them some more, and perhaps the author will play in this universe again sometime soon…




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    • James on March 20, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    It sounds like a lovely story, and I would like to think that others are picking up on your idea of Collective Succubi.

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    • Derek on March 21, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    A Succubus that doesn’t feed on human souls and isn’t pure, monstrous evil? About time. *huggles*

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    • TeraS on March 29, 2011 at 10:10 am

    One can hope my heart…


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