Mar 10 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 167

The Succubi of the Week this time seems to me to have some slight influences from Warcraft, but thankfully they didn’t give her quite a set of hooves…

Clicking on the image here will, of course, bring you a larger version of this work. Regrettably this is one of those images where I do not have a large really detailed image to talk about. However what there is, is really interesting…

I think that she might be influenced by the Warcraft Succubus as the clothing she wears reminds me of that a lot. She has not hooves, but her feet are a bit odd looking, and certainly wouldn’t let her wear shoes I am sure…

The scene itself makes me think that she has just appeared in this world, somewhere like an alley or some such place, and her arrival as frightened the cat in front of her. The only question is whether that cat is save or if the Succubus will do something to it…

I wish that I could make out the signature at the bottom of the image, but it is unreadable to me as is what I think is a website address as well which is a real shame as I would really like to know if this artist has done other Succubus related works…

Should anyone have an idea to share about the artist’s name, please do leave a comment!


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    I wonder if she isn’t meeting an old friend, soeone in the a form of a cat, just then.


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