Mar 06 2011

A Devil Girl Coffee Mug…

I found yet another Devil Girl or Succubus coffee mug on Cafe Press… While the art is really nice, it’s not really something that you would want to use in the office or someplace public like that as it is a bit on the racy side for that…

Sorry that the art is somewhat invisible, but the larger image of that has a watermark on it and looks really bad with it…

If you like this, you can find it on Cafe Press here if you are interested in it…

While the art is lovely, she is missing a tail, which is something that I do rather need in a Succubus for my own selfish reasons.

This mug is credited to someone calling themselves Rhoades Darker Image, but I do not know if they are the artist of this work or simply the seller of it.

Would be interesting to find out as they have quite a number of other fantasy artworks on their main Cafe Press page, although this is the only Succubus image that I could find…



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    Actually, while Rhodes Darker Image seems to be the production company, as it were, Demon Rhodes, seems to be the artist, according to other material at Cafe Press.

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    I wasn’t 100% sure of that, so I decided to be a bit vague…


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