Feb 26 2011

Is this a Succubus movie on YouTube?

Apparently there is a movie coming in 2012 called Nights of Crewdon and this short, and I do mean short, trailer seems to hint that there is a Succubus, or Succubus related character in it…

And if the embedding does not work:


The trailer doesn’t really tell us a lot about this, but, I am assuming that the Succubus is named Crewda. I am assuming this because of the video description that says:

coming on 2012 after the movie “nights of Crewdon”
a sort of succubus named Crewda kills young men in a quiet little town.

The images in the trailer are several ones that have been popularized on the internet as being Succubus related, but otherwise…

I’m not sure what to think..

I’ll watch this for more and post something if it should appear to actually have a Succubus in it…

But I have no idea when that will be as there is no date other than 2012 on this YouTube…



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    I think our Queen might have nudged them a little bit. Crewda is no longer a “sort of” but “the most devilish one”.


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    The new description seems a bit more succubish, Majesty. But it still seems like a lot of idea and very little movie so far.

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    Dai’s bet? Another “close but no horns” succubus movie …the kind the site has come used to

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    I had the slightest of conversations with them… Well shall see I hope…


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    Hopefully the beginnings lead to the ends…


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    Found another one Dai… And it’s about what you expect I think…

    See it soon on the Tale…


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