Feb 10 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 163

I came across what I think is a very interesting image of a Succubus for this week’s image… While there is one part of it that really doesn’t do a lot for me, the balance of it could well become a story or two…

There is no larger image to see of this work, unfortunately this is the largest copy of this work that I could find which is, I admit, a shame…

As always, when it comes to images of Succubi, the hooves are something that I don’t care for much, but that, as always, is is a matter of the artist’s choice. What I do like is her hair and horns, really nicely drawn I think. But more so the horn she is carrying and the sword are of interest to me.

I wonder what they are used for?

The sword is, I admit obvious, but the horn makes me wonder a bit. It’s something that I think is not really “Succubus” like in a way, but perhaps it is used to call upon her sisters? It probably makes the most sense in a way if it did…

I have no idea who the artist is that created this work, so if anyone has a clue, please leave a comment so I can properly credit the artist!


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