Temptations 98

One of the first attempts at the reboot of Temptations was with a member of the Garden who called themselves Entranced… But they didn’t stay too long, though the story was really interesting in the Succubi Queen’s world…


Temptations 98

By TeraS and Entranced

Jason ran through the forest, trying to get a clear shot at the deer as it bounded through the brush.

Taking up hunting was a pretty big decision. Jason hated guns, ((he used a compound bow and arrow)). He hated rednecks ((he hunted alone)) and lastly he didn’t really like killing things. ((He assuaged that guilt by using every single thing off of anything he hunted and killed. He learned how to cook every single particle of venison meat in a dear. ))

What he enjoyed and loved was the hunt. The pursuit through bog and brier, the eternal chase of the hunter and hunted and the final breathtaking submission.

Once and only once did he encounter a stag, angry and defiantly defending what James assumed to be his wife. It took 6 hours huddled up in a tree before the Stag left him alone. James didn’t have the heart to shoot at him or any dear after that encounter.

Except today.

Drawn by a strange urge to hunt one last time, James called out sick to the office on a Friday, packed up all his gear and headed to the forest northeast of the city. He had heard of strange tales about this place,” Blair witch” like tales, ones that he dismissed without a second thought.

Devils, Witches and Deamons. All conjured by human’s imagination itself to explain it’s own wants and fears.

Such things simply didn’t exist. They were metaphors for understanding existence.

The only thing Jason knew that was for real in this world was making money, survival and the hunt.

Which was as real in his mind as the senses in front of his face.

He forced his way through the last group of trees and emerged into a clearing…

Before there was civilization, before there was life. That life existed in relationship to all other life around it. Part of that was, when it was possible, that certain beings picked areas that were theirs and held them, protected them, and in return were given sway over them.

From the other side of the clearing, Jason would hear the sound of something approaching him, moving through the brush along a clearly marked path. There was a long sharp snort, the a whinny of a horse before what was approaching became clear.

Into the clearing rode a raven haired woman with green eyes on the back of a midnight black horse.  She was dressed in a red sweater and deep blue jean jacket that matched the jeans she wore underneath her riding chaps, which ended at the pair of simple black boots with a low heel. Her mount was a beautiful creature. A Mustang: a strong powerful black steed, the strong muscles moving under its skin as it shifted from hoof to hoof, It’s eyes looking at him and then elsewhere as if watching for dangers around them all…

The woman guided the horse in a slow circle around the perimeter of the clearing before approaching Jason. She considered him for a moment and then asked pleasantly, perhaps too much so, “Is there a reason why you are hunting upon my lands kind Sir?”


You can tell it’s someone that is slightly royal can’t you?




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    • James on February 8, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Oh, while she acts only slightly royal, she is actually tremendously regal . . . not so much because of her bloodline as because of her soul . . .

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    • TeraS on February 15, 2011 at 6:03 pm


    You are a flatterer my heart…



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