Feb 05 2011

A Warcraft Succubus Cosplayer YouTube…

I have been always impressed by the amount of time, effort and more that Cosplayers put into their costumes and more… Recently I found a YouTube of a photoshoot that one cosplayer did dressed up like a Warcraft Succubus…

And it is one of the best that I have found so far…

And in case the embedding fails:


And as well, an image of the Cosplayer, known as Angela who seems to have a great love of cosplaying too…

Really quite a lot of love and effort I think was placed into this by her. I think she made an interesting combination with the purple leotard she wears to represent the skin of the Warcraft Succubus, but also I think that her horns are rather nice and sturdy looking.

If you have a good look at them, it’s quite obvious I think that they, and her ears, are part of the black wig she is wearing. Actually that’s a smart idea as otherwise it would be a pain I am sure to have to wear the horns otherwise…

The actual clothing in black is really well done too. I can’t tell exactly what it is made of, but I think it represents what it is supposed to be really well too…

Angela has a page on DeviantArt which you can find here. She has quite a lot of cosplay images there as well as some photographic art which is really interesting too!

Have a look!



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    She really did do an excellent job of it.

  2. avatar

    She really did!


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    Mistress, I hope you looked at Her DA Site, the other Pictures She put
    up are even more Amazing, She has the Ponygirl Boots and seems
    very Comfortable on them. I only wish that Her Wings were Bigger,
    but that becomes Unwieldy if they are not “Real”….
    Really the best Succubus Outfit I have seen Yet….

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    I have had a look Gryphon and yes, she really does amazing work…


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