Feb 03 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 162

I found a lovely piece that shows what is described as a Lilim Succubus for this week’s Succubi, but there is a bit of a story with it that is a bit disappointing…

This artwork is called Succubus Lilim and is by an artist calling themselves OldschoolGirl on DeviantArt, but I will return to that in a little bit.

I would love to see the rest of the Succubus in this work, mostly to find out if she has a tail or not. It’s also a bit puzzling that she has no horns either, but her wings do fit the Succubus mythos… And the title of this work is of course Succubus Lilim, so therefore…

She is very cute, which I like a bunch and her outfit, as much as we see of it, is a nice balance of cute and sexy which is what it should be…

Now for the part that is disappointing…

I found this artist’s page on DeviantArt. Actually two of them, but the first, which seems to be the right one to connect to this image was abandoned because of some problem and the second page with this artist’s new name on DeviantArt, is not being used at the moment.

So while I can point you at where this artist is, or rather, was, regretably there is nothing there to be seen…

Still perhaps someday this artist will return and share more of their works in the future…

I really hope they do…



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    She is really quite lovely. Here is hoping that the artist is still working somewhere, and that you will find her or him, for tutelage in the details of succubi anatomy.

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    You never know….


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