Jan 28 2011

Some Succubus Mermaid Advertising to ponder…

Occasionally I discover a piece of Succubus art that was used in advertising or something similar. Now generally that art is of what is, most definitely a Succubus. But on occasion, that is mixed with something a little bit different…

Like this…

Now I can only describe her as a Succubus Mermaid because, honestly, how else can she be described? She has the horns and wings of a Succubus, but the tail of a Mermaid… That actually brings up the oddest mental image of a Succubus tail on her as well and that makes my brain hurt…

I think this is a really interesting mix of two myths that I wouldn’t have expected to see. Mostly because generally, Succubi have a tail and that wouldn’t quite work with a mermaid… Well, mostly not, though the mental image I have is of her Succubus tail spinning in a circle like a propeller as odd as that sounds…

This art was the creation of an artist named Vin who has a blog, though it has not been updated in some time here. The link will take you to the page on their blog where they showed off this work. According to the artist, he was commissioned to design a beer label for the “Taste of Guilford” beer tasting event being held in Branford, CT in June of 2007. He also indicated that it was printed on 1200 beer glasses or mugs for the event.

So a silly question, though it has been quite a number of years past…

Anyone have an image of the glassware that they can share?

I would be really interested in seeing it!


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    (I’m able to post to the Tale again!)

    Maybe this is the result of someone attempting to bring a mermaid into a succubus family.

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