Temptations 95

If you are a Succubi, the one thing you hope for is that someone will take a chance to see what they can be, not what you yourself might, might not, or should be…

It’s an interesting problem…


Temptations 95

By TeraS and JHB

Tera looked into his eyes and then without a word, simply drew her lips to his and kissed him… Long… Slow… Warm… Not with lust or all of those feeling that meant that it was simply a moment before something more primal happened…

No, in this case it was a kiss of love and understanding that simply was. That passed between the pair of them with the innocence of newfound hope and the promise that this was far from over and that his fears should be laid to rest…

He did not have to be anything than what he was to hold her heart. Nothing more than the understanding that he did after all have anything he asked for if he was willing to take the step and then the ones after that…

So just a kiss to some… Some just never see what it is…

And in that…

So many would not…

The kiss broke and she replied, “I’ve been taking them with you for ages now my heart… You just haven’t seen me there with you until now…”

As her lips touched his again, it was as if she was removing a veil from his mind.  He saw things in a whole new way, recognized a relationship with her that he never imagined had been or even could have been, all along.  And he felt a warmth pass from her to him, and then felt a renewed passion growing within him; not passionate lust, but passionate friendship, a full realization of how her life was linked to his, how they were intertwined, and how important they were to each other.

“I’ve been taking them with you for ages now my heart… You just haven’t seen me there with you until now…”

He now, suddenly, saw how that was true, and he gasped at the recognition.  She had been with him for so long.  His trip to this library–well, that library, back there–and to this place was part of a plan; not her plan, as if she was manipulating him, but a plan for both of them, working itself out for som long.

Tears welled up in his eyes, just a bit, as he wrapped his arms around her, not romantically, not lustfully, but in a way that was more than sexual, more than friendship, as if they ever had been and ever would be part of one another.  He gently, almost reverently, almost playfully, kissed her horns and nuzzled his nose into her hair for a while.  Then he looked into her sparkling green eyes with his bright hazel ones, and gently stroked her left cheek with the back of the fingers of his right hand.

“All this time, Tera, you have been walking with me,” his voice held a mixture of wonder, love, confusion, and joy, but it was the love and joy that soon won out. “It’s time for me to walk with you for a while, wherever that may lead and whatever may transpire along the way.  Let’s go, dearest friend.”

Tera smiled as she cupped her hands together making a small ball of blue fire appear between them. Then an image started to appear within it as she spoke, “The story begins here. In the beginnings of thought. Of the start of life and its wonders. Just after all that is… Was. And all that was… Is. That moment before what your scientists call the creation of all happened. The words that one of your religions says that the voice spoke… Let there be light. But that was not the first words. They were in fact, Let there be. The light tagged along for the ride…”

She paused a moment as the blue fire pulsed and then shrunk into a tiny speck of light. Then it grew into a seething mass of energy that hovered in front of them and continued to change over time as she continued, “Light and Dark were the first two things in this. From the first moment, and all since they were connected intimately. One knowing the other’s reason for being. And wanting the other to be no more. For eons the two didn’t make anything in this place possible. That was until they came to the realisation that just fighting alone was not the be all and end all. What mattered was existing and in their own ways creating…”

Tera smirked a bit, “But of course like all creatures… The question wasn’t making something new exist, but making something in their own image…”

His eyes grew wide at the ball of energy dancing before the two of them.  His mind grew wide as he listened to Tera’s words.  “It makes sense, you know,” he told her.  “That same religion you mentioned; everyone thinks it’s creation story’s first words are ‘In the beginning.’ In fact, however, those words, in their original language are simply, ‘In beginning.’ The beginning of that story isn’t meant to be the beginning of everything; we are meant to know there was something before.” It was as if scales were falling from his intellect.  “There is meant to be a larger reality than the one I was taught to know about, isn’t there?  Two creations.  Maybe more, but certainly two.  Each, perhaps, with a natural inclination to shun the other . . . but maybe they shouldn’t.

“And somehow, dear friend,” he turned his gaze from the light corruscating in front of them to the light sparkling in her eyes, “somehow this has something to do with the two of us.  What is it?”


The core of all paths on the road of life is the question isn’t it my heart?



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    • James on January 18, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Yes, Dear One, and the answering of that question, again and again, is proving to be endlessly rewarding.

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    • TeraS on January 20, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    To us both my heart…


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