Jan 13 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 159

There hasn’t been an image of Morrigan Aensland for a little while as a Succubus of the Week, and since a reader of the Tale asked for one last week…

Here’s the first one for 2011..

I wish that I knew which artist did this work, but, as it seems to be the common thing, there is no information on the image whatsoever.

This is a somewhat toned down image of Morrigan I think, her usual overendowments are not quite so obvious in this work which, I think, makes her look sexier and more commanding like this…

I like the rather piercing eyes she has in this image, and the little shimmers over her clothing and hair are really quite well done giving the whole image more depth overall…

Overall, I think that this is a nice, clean, dominant image of Morrigan that works really well in my eyes…

Should any reader of the Tale know which artist did this work, please leave a comment so I can credit the work correctly?



  1. avatar

    She does look rather like she has been waiting for us. She has a plan and several pointed questions, I think.

  2. avatar

    Weeeeellll…. The pitchfork might hint that yes….


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