Temptations 94

The Queen of the Succubi ponders a lot doesn’t she?


Temptations 94

By TeraS and JHB

He was a bit–just the tiniest bit–frustrated by his new friend.  He came to learn. He opened himself up completely to her, and carefully tried to appreciate the fullness of everything he encountered, including her.  He could have responded to her as if she were a monster, but he knew that to be a lie, and reached beyond it.  He was deeply . . . deeply . . . attracted to her (who wouldn’t be?), but to act on that attraction might be disrespectful to her.

And yet it was a road less traveled . . .

And yet it there was so much more to her than sex . . .

And yet . . .

And yet . . .

To HELL with the “And yets!!”  He crawled over to her on the blanket (not an act of submission per sé, but, when one is on a picnic blanket, this is often how one travels), took her glass from her, and set it down next to his.  “Yes, I am willing to follow the road less traveled.  I have been trying to do that since we met; but, despite my best efforts, I am a bit dense at times–it is a curse of my species.  I want to be on that less-traveled road, and I want to be there with you, and I want to be there now, if possible.  Point the way for me, please.”

Tera shook her head a moment before taking both of his hands in hers and explained, “Time is an illusion… Lunchtime doubly so… So wanting to be somewhere now is not as good as traveling the path to getting there… What is the purpose to taking a shortcut to the end of a maze if you cannot see what the maze was there for… No my dear heart… The road to be travelled is the one that you choose for yourself… That is how it is for all in the multiverses… No one can find themselves without the time and desire to find themselves…”

She drew him close and then kissed his lips lovingly and softly for a time before breaking the kiss with a smile, “All travel begins with the first small step… And all enlightenment ends with the realization that we had the answers with us all the time… You have tread the path already my heart… You just never saw it beneath your feet as you passed by…”

I feel a bit like Dorothy, being lectured by Glenda the Good at the end of “The Wizard of Oz.”  For a moment I resent that, even as I momentarily resent her repeated use of the “Time is an illusion . . .” quotation.  I have been on a journey all my life, and while some of it is a quest for knowledge, even more of it has been a quest to share my heart, my feelings.

Here is someone who has done that more in a couple of short hours than most other people I know have done in many long years.  And yet, as i try to explore further, to find where I can go with this being of great passion and power, she keeps leading me in rhetorical circles.

She kisses me, and it occurs to me that the time for rhetoric may be at an end.  If I am to be her heart, I should act with my heart.  This may be inappropriately forward, but the worst she can do, probably, is vaporize me.  I gently pull her back to me, and kiss her warmly, and open my heart and let everything I am feeling pour out: all the fears, all the needs, all the passion, all the love.  It’s all right there for her to touch and know . . . and probably reject, but I hope not.

I leave her mouth, reluctantly, and gently shower her face with small kisses, then work my way over her chin to her neck.  One place on the nape of her neck seemed quite responsive; I will remember that, should I have a chance to return.  I cradle her in my arms, hoping I have pleased her, but, more importantly, that I might be able to give her pleasure.  As much as I’d like to go further, this seems to be the time to pause; I’m not the kind of person who wouldn’t ask.

“Tera, Dear One, will you take these next steps along the path with me, please?”


Always my heart….



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    • James on January 11, 2011 at 9:03 am

    To think, as awkward as I can be, I was once so much more so . . .

    Thank you for our journey together.

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    • TeraS on January 20, 2011 at 3:33 pm


    The thanks is mine my heart….


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