Jan 04 2011

Temptations 93

Odd or not, poking with a pitchfork is a Succubi Queen’s prerogative isn’t it?


Temptations 93

By TeraS and JHB

Tera pondered that for a moment and then said, “Oddly my passions are in making something of others… Taking them from what they are and making them better… Perhaps not in the way they expect or think is right, but more so in the way that they have never considered…”

She traced a finger along the rim of the glass as she continued, “One can pass through and be just existing or one can be living… One can close their eyes to the world and not see or open them and see all that awaits them…”

She raised the glass to her lips and before taking a sip said, “All they sometimes need is a nudge or a good poink with a pitchfork… It depends on the individual doesn’t it?”

He tries to respond dispassionately, academically . . . but he sees Tera’s intense, probing–loving?–gaze, and decides that dispassionate and academic is not the correct approach.  He also found his host to be most alluring.

“You seem to have an idea, Maje . . . friend.  And I never want to be just existing, always living and getting better, if I can.”  He takes a sip from his own glass, hoping it doesn’t show too much how he is made both a bit excited and a bit nervous by this turn in the conversation.  “Do you have a particular nudge or poink in mind?”

Tera laughed with no trace of malice in it, “Oh that would be telling wouldn’t it? Everyone has the right to pick and choose what they receive and what they are rewarded with… For example.. Some think that killing the goose that lays the golden egg will make them richer than to accept the small gifts as they appear…. Life is learning and growing and if you can’t do that? Oh then poking and prodding shall begin…”

She took another sip as she added, “The road less travelled can be the way if one is willing to follow it…”


There will be no munchkins singing follow the yellow brick road I promise…



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    I can verify the no-munchkins pledge . . .

    But there have been so many other interesting sights along our road, and I am sure there will be many more.

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    The stops along the way are more important than the destination…


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