Jan 01 2011

The Succubus Dating Game…

For the first YouTube of the new year, I came across a student film that I think was miss-named, but still made me laugh…

They call it This is going to Succubus

I think The Succubus Dating Game would have been better really…

And in case the embedding is messed up again:


I admit that the host of the show was way over the top and generally it’s all for the laugh, but the overall idea of it has possibilities as a story sometime…

Anyway, take the show with a really large grain of salt when you are watching it…



  1. avatar

    Kind of cute, but I wonder if the roars and screams at the end were required. I thought a succubus would make her victims happy to be consumed . . .

  2. avatar

    Or the Girl comes out, and She’s the WoW Succubus, puts the Whip
    to the Winner…. er, loser, maybe…

  3. avatar

    It was, just a smidge, over the top wasn’t it?


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