Dec 30 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 157

And so this is the last Succubi Image of the Week for 2010… And for this one I decided to share something cute and fun as that I think fits with this time of year…

Now this is another one of those images that I don’t know who did it or anything really about it, but…

I think this is just wonderful…

I love all of the sexy-cute that is in the image, but the pose, her hair, the fun swish of her tail… Just seems to say Succubi to me… I think that it’s interesting that she’s posed upon a summoning circle… Almost looks as if she was in mid run or something like that when she opened it or was pulled into it…

Lovely boots on her, I like the detail on them a lot, and her clothing is just right for a Succubus I think…

As always, if anyone has a clue who this artist is, where their site might be on the web, or anything else that would help me to give the artist proper credit, please do post in the comments?

Thank you!



  1. avatar

    No idea who this is, but she does look to be ready to party . . .

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    *huggles my sexy-cute Mistress*

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