Dec 28 2010

Temptations 92

Share and share alike.. It’s not a bad idea when you think about it… The Succubi Queen does a lot…


Temptations 92

By TeraS and JHB

He admired the delaying tactic, remembering a teacher he had who would light his pipe and say “er . . . ” to buy time while contamplating questions.  He did not smoke, but nibbling and sipping his lemonade came in quite handy.  Then he thought of where he could begin.  Maybe she was kidding about the toaster, maybe not; he was sure she would not let him be hurt, but he was also sure that, as the old TV sketch said, he did not “taunt Happy Fun Ball.”

“In my world, there are people who are not influenced by the externals, but who look for the worst in everyone no matter what.  I could never live that way, yet I know that the externals can be misinterpreted (by the way, I happen to find the horns and tail quite . . . quite . . . interesting).  I find myself always looking for the good in people.  And maybe it is only what I wish to see, but I have recognized evil in people at times, so i don’t think I am too self-deluded.

“Nevertheless, there is always some risk; learning doesn’t come without risk, without vulnerability.  I am in your world, now, within your power, in a way, and I know that.  But I want to learn, to learn about this place, and especially about its people, and most especially about you.  If that means that Toastie does me in, so be it.

“Maybe it would help if I told you something about me.  I help people dsicover where their spirits are and what those spirits need to help them flourish.  I write things that help people discover the spark of the divine in the world around them.  And I study, I study people, I study the world.  Just as I sense that you have an eternal, a special love, I have a Beloved, whose heart fits in to my own and completes me.

“Normally, I am very shy.  That might surprise some people, for when I am teaching, or helping, I can put on a very extroverted persona an be somewhat forward.  Most of the time, however, I’m quite unsure of myself, and surprised that anybody whould want to spend time with me.  This sharing, right now, makes me uncomfortable, but, with you, if also feels right.

“Of late, I have also begun to feel old, and maybe a little irrelevant.  It’s not a rational thing, but it’s there, nonetheless.  Because of that, i am all the more grateful that you are willing to spend time with me.

“So, now I am open to you.  Is it your turn to share with me?”

Tera pondered his words and then said, “Share… Oh what to share… That is the question isn’t it? Do I share the sadness of my past? The hope of my future? The moments of loss and gain? What is it that within me will be enough to say who I am or perhaps more to the point, why do what I do and why?”

She took a sip of her glass, then said, “How can I explain that the secret is simple if you listen and hard nonetheless? Do I give of my reasons or tell of my actions? Is the world here enough or is it just the beginning? So many questions and answers not given for telling them does not allow for some truths to be held…”

She placed the glass on the blanket below them, “There are three truths in the universe that all beings must come to understand about themselves. I am. I offer. I can… I am myself first. I offer that understanding to those that seek it. I can do that because I ask for nothing in return for what I offer to them…”

Her hand raised to her hair and pushed some of it behind her right ear, “I am. What else can matter other than that?”

He listened to all of this, sipping from his glass.  And he pondered.

“Many things can matter, and many others can be unimportant.  It occurs to me that we have focused, ever since we met, on my need, my desire, my hunger to learn about you and your world.  None of that has gone away.

“But among the things that matter most are those things which matter to you, Tera.  In fact, because I want to learn from you, what matters to you matters to me.  Even more than that, because of your kindness and graciousness to me, what matters to you matters to me.  So, what matters most to you right now?  What do you want to tell me about?  Or what do you want to aske me about?  What is stirring your passions right at this moment?  That is where we can begin.”


A beginning of the beginning, as it should be…


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    It was a very nice beginning, albeit with extensive dancing around . . .

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