Dec 25 2010

The Succubi Queen’s Christmas 2010 Manip – Give Your Soul

Happy Christmas to one and all!

I have tried to post on the Tale a Succubi Christmas manip, and this year will be no exception to this… This year’s story is a take on the classic Christmas time sone, Let it snow…

It’s called Give Your Soul…

And for those that wish to read the words of the story…

O, the weather outside is frightful,

breathe this in, you’ll feel delightful

and you’ll recognize your true goal:

Give your soul! Give your soul! Give your soul!

Your cheeks (at both ends) are rosie.

Help me slip on my tail cozy

and we’ll have quite a pleasant roll . . .

Give your soul! Give your soul! Give your soul!

As you fall into my green eyes

Like sheeps’ wool, all your will is shorn

but you’ll get such a big surprise

when you come rub my horns!

The air has a scent of cherry . . .

and our Christmas shall be merry

On my leash you will gladly stroll

Give your soul! Give your soul! Give your soul!

While the manipping is my work, I give full credit to James, the Poet Laureate of the Realm for his stellar work transforming something that I was struggling with into such wonderful prose…

*Christmas Huggles for my heart*

Merry Christmas one and all!


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