Temptations 91

When spending time with those that matter to you, it’s important to share… The Queen of the Succubi does everyday…


Temptations 91

By TeraS and JHB

He watched the two angelkitties bid farewell to Tera, and the thought “Lucky kitties” popped into his mind unbidden and flew off as quickly as the two creatures had.

The forest of purple-leaved, green trunked trees gave him a nano-moment’s worth of pause, but the gasp he let out was much more about it’s strange, fascinating beauty.  The picnic looks wonderful and, despite the pang of loss at having her let go of him (a much more noticeable pang than any in his tummy), he followed her to the blanket, helped her to sit, and thedn sat next to her.

“The weather pales in comparison to the company I’ve been given, and I will happily share whatever you wish.”  He takes her glass, and the thermos, “Shall I pour?”

Tera smiled and nodded her head to him graciously as she replied, “Please and thank you…”

With that, she looked into the basket and removed a small serving tray holding a grouping of deviled eggs, and offered them to him to select the first one to taste…

Tera explained with a smile, “I know that they are deviled eggs but I promise you that there is nothing devilish about them…”

He smiles back, “I would never expect anything devilish about the eggs,” he takes a bite, “but they are delicious.  I see that, among other things, I need to ask you to teach me recipes.”

He ponders the devilled eggs before him: “You know, this particular delicacy is an example of how soemone, with simple ingredients and a bit of care, can make something so much more than what it was,” he takes another bite, and smiles at her, “and certainly much more than they appear to be before sampled.

“Why do I suspect that this place, and its inhabitants, and most especially you, are in that way, very much like this delicacy?  By which I mean, made with care to be more than what once was, and certainly more than it all apprears to be?”

Tera nibbled on her egg for a moment in contemplation over his words before replying, “The horns and tail are usually a dead give away aren’t they? Imagine the reaction if I would appear like I am to most people… Automatically the assumption is that all heck will break loose and they are in for quite a bit of trouble…”

A little twinkle in her eyes gave a hint to her true feelings as she continued, “But then some have the ability to see beyond the obvious and to the truths beneath the surface… I think that perhaps the outer trappings that my kind have are simple a method to make one see or not…. That seeing is of course what they wish to see…”

She patted the picnic basket and added, “Lots of recipes to share… Though I do suggest that you don’t make my toaster mad… Toastie is a little bit… Odd.. At times…”

The smile she gave him would either be one of amusement or understanding… But was she kidding?

That was the question…


Ah Toastie the evil toaster… It’s been a while since you have been seen…



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    • James on December 21, 2010 at 11:29 am

    Ah, it is so nice to settle down into this picnic with Your Majesty once again . . .

    • avatar
    • TeraS on December 24, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    *offers tea and cookies*


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