Dec 19 2010

Another Succubus T-shirt

I found another Succubus T-shirt on Zazzle this past week… Now it’s not something I would wear, but as something for a Con or something like that, I suppose it might be okay…

This work is by the artist known as Delphine Lévesque Demers, who is famous for her fantasy art. You can find her site at: http://www.zerick.com/ And if you want to purchase the T-shirt, you can find it on Zazzle.com here.

I rather like the look of the Succubus in this work, an outfit that is just right for a Succubus, a lovely pose and overall composition… The only thing that I don’t really like is the skull she is sitting on and the odd way her tail ends…

Still, while perhaps not my favourite work from this artist, it, like all of her works are beautiful in their own ways…



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    She is interesting. I was wondering about the runny mascara . . .

  2. avatar

    I agree on the skull and tail, plus I’ve never been a fan of clawed wings.

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    True enough my heart…


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    Kind of does lose the sexy in it doesn’t it?


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