Dec 18 2010

A Nude WoW Succubus YouTube…

This week’s YouTube is mostly just to show that, yes, there is a way to show the Warcraft Succubus in the nude if you have the right patch for your copy of the game…

The question is, really, why would you want to?

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


And here is a still from the video of the Succubus in question…

To be honest the quality of this isn’t that good and really, since there is nothing that you can really do with her like this, why would you bother?


My particular bias is, as always, that she has horns, which I don’t particularly like. I understand that the quality of video game images isn’t that wonderful, there have been improvements since the time that Warcraft came out.

So the question is…

When are they going to do a complete graphics update to the game?

Comparing it to the newer games, like Halo, Warcraft just doesn’t cut it anymore as far as I am concerned…

So then, what would I like to see?

If nothing else, please update the Succubi in the game to something sexier and more interesting… The whip actions and comments they make are quite old now and well worn out to a lot of people I think.

The popularly of the Warcraft Succubus in cosplaying hasn’t diminished one bit, I don’t honestly expect it to never do that. But really, can’t we have something that looks better now?

I mean, the figurines that have been produced look quite good overall, why can’t they put that quality of detail into the Succubi?

It might even make me like them a lot more than I do…


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