Temptations 90

The Queen’s mother and source of her Realm appears for but a moment to those that she graces with her Daughter’s heart…


Temptations 90

By TeraS and JHB

Tera just smiled for a moment and then her tail pointed vaguely skywards, “Oh that’s a very very very long story to try and explain….”

Far up in the skies, in a patch of blue sky, a pair of green-blue eyes shimmer into existence.. They almost seem to twinkle before he saw a wink from the right eye and they disappear again into and in-between the white clouds in the skies above…

Her tail dropped back behind her again as she continued, “As I said…. Mom does good work…”

“Well,” he says, daring to draw her close and hugging her for just a moment, “I have, I think, even more than all the time in the world to listen to whatever you want to tell me.”

He looked up, following the tail, and could have sworn he saw eyes, just for a moment, green eyes almost exactly like Tera’s.  The thought “That’s impossible” flashed into his mind for half a heartbeat, before he realized that nothing is impossible, certainly not in this place.  He looked back down to Tera’s smiling eyes.

“She certainly does,” he steps back and takes her hands, “and she clearly outdid even herself on one occasion.”  He pauses, almost afraid of what to say or think, then recovers: “Now, where shall we go and enjoy lunch, so that you may teach me?  Assuming you’re still willing, that is.”

She moved a little closer and said with a smile on her lips to him, “Flatterer….”

Followed a moment later by a wink…

Then still in his arms she said, “Lessons on an empty tummy are never fun you know… You are forever having the rumblings within drowning out the words about… So… First something to eat and at the same time a tale or two about Tails then?”

She continued to guide him for a short time longer until they arrived at the edge of a forest. It was odd. Odd in the way that purple leaves and green trunked trees are odd when you are used to brown and green in the trees around you…

Just ahead of them a pair of blue AngelKitties were flittering around a red and white checkerboard picnic blanket setting out things here and there for their meal. They put the last item in its place and then swooped over to Tera, each of them giving her a kitty kiss on Tera’s nose before vanishing off into the forest just a short ways away…

As he would look at the forest, he would notice a path leading into it, a small statue of what appeared to be an AngelKitty to the right side of the path just before the first trees sprung up from the ground. There was an inscription on the statue, but from where they were standing it would not be possible for him to read it at that distance…

Coming to the blanket, Tera’s tail waved in the direction of the blanket as she said, “The weather is fine and the company is willing… Shall we break bread and tell tales of what is and has been?”


And our tales continue on do they not my heart?


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    • James on December 14, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    And they will for ages and ages to come, Dear One.

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    • TeraS on December 15, 2010 at 12:36 pm



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