On Lost Girl Succubi don’t have happy relationships…

I’ve wondered for sometime what are the different kinds of Fae on the Lost Girl series. What I mean by that is, how are they classified? We have had hints of “sex Fae”, “Forest Fae” and a few other such devisions, but so very little in the way of explaining the why and hows of them… I think that the series should either start a Wiki on it or publish a book.


I am quite sure that if they released a book that would see well, and, I wonder if they will ever release official fiction in this universe as well. It would be interesting to see if they did…

Episode twelve of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. People are served as lunch to a forest dwelling Fae, Bo and Dyson connect and make a commitment, and a final threat to Bo and Dyson’s life together appears…

Again, I will be posting thoughts every Friday of the week after an episode of Lost Girl is shown. I will be adding the individual episodes to the SuccuWiki somewhat sooner than that, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo sees that some places are really meant to be…

(Dis)Members Only

We find Dyson (Kristen Holden-Reid) and Hale (K.C. Collins) in Trick’s bar looking at a map, discussing where Dyson will be going to hunt bear. Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) appear moments later, Bo interrupting the two men and flirting with Dyson. She tries to convince Dyson that he could have a much better long weekend with her than with the bears. Dyson finally relents and asks where she wants to go. Bo isn’t sure and invites him over to her place to figure that out. In the meantime, Kenzi and Hale place bets on what will happen next in Bo and Dyson’s relationship, gambling twenty dollars on the win between them. We then shift to a forest where a groundskeeper is using a pair of shears on a tree brance. He is hit over the head with a rock, then is bound by vines and killed moments later.

Returning from the opening titles, we find Dyson and Bo in a bathtub together looking over brochures for places they are thinking about going to. Dyson notes that a place that has “green tea conlonics” is a no, that one of them is actually owned by Faeries and removes that from the choices. This leaves the Theme Motel which Dyson comments has a “Pirate Room” to which Bo comments that Dyson has been alive for centuries and he is still an eight year old boy. Kenzi then runs in and stops the fun asking Bo to come downstairs to see a friend of hers, named Neville (Michael Mando) that she owes a favour to. Bo gets dressed and finds out that she is being asked to find out what happened to Neville’s cousin, named Thumper (Edsson Morales) . Bo also finds out that Kenzi’s street name was Meow Meow. The story is that the two got jobs at the Queensdale Country Club and Thumper didn’t show up for his ride home. Being that Thumper is an illegal, they can’t go to the police and so Kenzi and Bo are asked to help solve the mystery. Neville also tells them that the club is a weird place, that they go out of their way to hire illegals, and also tells them that there is a member at the club named Blake that probably knows what is going on. Then, after Kenzi agrees to find out the answers, Neville asks how they are going to do that.

The answer comes when Bo and Kenzi return to Dyson, still in the bathtub, and try to get him to agree to help them. Bo explains that Kenzi will be undercover in the kitchen staff while she and Dyson will be a married couple looking to join the club. Dyson asks if this is a proposal from Bo to which she just laughs it off. Then she mentions what she did for Dyson in the last episode Faetal Justice, saving his life, and he finally agrees to help.

We return to see Dyson and Bo meeting with the club’s owner Mitch (Jonathan Higgins) posing as Mr. and Mrs. Thornwood. They go through the niceties and are told that they will know in a month or so if they are in or not. Bo uses her powers on Mitch and he agrees to allow them to sample the club. They also find out about Blake, her full name being Blake Jorgenson, that she is a bit odd and usually can be found on the tennis courts.

Meanwhile, Kenzi is in the kitchen pretending to be from Venezuela. She talks with the head of the kitchen, Amy (Stephanie Belding). She is told that the people in the club are the Nouveau riche, and didn’t get where they are with brains, but with luck. She is also told that snacking on the job is grounds to be fired. Bo and Dyson arrive at the tennis courts and find Blake (Suzanne Cyr). Bo begins to chat her up looking for information. They go to lunch together, and find out that Blake is a drunk and thinks not a lot about the membership of the club in general. She talks about Mitch and his wife Chloe (Amy Lalonde) and an exclusive cliche in the club that few are part of. Chloe is pointed out and it is also mentioned that there is an after hours, invite only, scotch tasting every month for the group, and the next one is that night. Kenzi spills water on Chloe, is berated for that, and leaves the scene. At the same time a odd looking man it watching her from the trees nearby.

She goes back into the kitchen and it told by Amy that she has a strike against her already and there is a list of all of the screwups. Amy then leaves and Neville tells Kenzi that Thumper had two strikes against him when he disappeared. We then see Chloe driving a golf cart and confronting Blake who is stumbling around on a path. They argue for a time and then Chloe hits Blake over the head with a golf club. Moments later Blake is wrapped in vines and is killed. Kenzi continues to work in the kitchen and drops a pan on the floor. When she looks up the man that had been watching her from the woods is standing there, dressed like a groundskeeper (Boyd Banks) and tells her that she is in trouble and no one will help her. Kenzi runs off in search of Bo and Dyson.

The pair are together back at Bo’s place at that moment having an intimate moment together. Bo congratulates Dyson on his undercover abilities and also that he doesn’t keep secrets from her. Kenzi comes into the room in pain from her day of work, Dyson teases her a bit, but gives Kenzi a foot massage, which she obviously enjoys. Kenzi confirms that the club employs a lot of illegals, and they have a very high turn over rate. Bo and Dyson decide to have Hale do a background check on Chloe and Mitch and also crash the party that night. Kenzi’s response is to fall asleep while Dyson continues the foot massage.

Back from commercial, Bo is dressing Dyson as Hale comes in with the information that they wanted. It turns out that just after members joined the club their bank accounts grew substantially. Kenzi also gives the opinion that the person responsible for the missing people is the creepy groundskeeper that has been watching her. The group’s plan for that night is for Dyson and Bo to hit the party while Kenzi and Hale break into Mitch’s office and have a look around. Then there is a knock at the door, which Bo answers.

Standing there is Saskia (Inga Cadranel). Saskia makes fun of Bo’s clothing asking if she is modeling for J. Crew. Bo asks what she wants, the answer is a twenty-four hour orgy, but she will settle for a night on the town with Bo. Bo refuses her and Saskia attempts to explain that they ended on bad terms and she wants to try again with Bo. When Saskia sees Dyson, she tells Bo that if she is going steady with him that would make her the lamest Succubus ever. Bo closes the door on her and Saskia leaves. Dyson asks who it was and Bo tells him that it was a ex-client that she couldn’t help. They them leave for the party.

Arriving there, Mitch escorts the pair into the scotch tasting party which turns out to be a pool party in full swing. Hale and Kenzi break into the office easily, Hale commenting on how quick Kenzi was in picking the lock. Kenzi however is not in the mood for jokes and they argue a bit before settling down to search through the files. Kenzi comments about how the two of them do the grunt work and that Dyson and Bo get the glamorous stuff. Bo in the meantime is in a hot tub with Chloe and Dyson with Mitch nearby, having a chat with them. The subject of food for the evening is brought up, to which Mitch comments that the vegetables are all from the club’s garden before jumping in the tub and hitting on Bo. As that happens, Hale discovers that the files document the success of the membership that happens after they join the club. Kenzi wonders if it is a secret society helping each other. Kenzi has found files on the missing employees and notices that the most that anyone has is three strikes against them. Her file has two. Then the groundskeeper appears at the door which freaks Kenzi out causing both of them to hide behind the desk until the groundskeeper leaves. Hale can’t help but try to get closer to Kenzi, but she slaps him with the comment that this isn’t a sexy uncover moment. They gather up their information and leave, Kenzi making the comment that she hopes Bo and Dyson are getting somewhere in the meantime. Bo, Dyson, Chloe and Mitch are still talking together and it is revealed that Chloe and Mitch are swingers and looking to have sex with Dyson and Bo. Dyson manages to find a way out of that and they leave the party.

When they get back to Bo’s place, Bo is upset that Dyson messed up a chance to get more information to which Dyson replies that being a swinger isn’t his scene. After Bo tosses a heel away in disgust, she yells at Dyson to talk to her. Dyson explains that he cannot stand to see Bo with someone else no matter what. He tries to explain that he knows that she doesn’t want to hear this because she is a Succubus, that everything he wants is against her nature because she cannot be monogamous. Bo tells him that she is fighting her nature every moment of every day for him. She noted that he doesn’t spend his day running around howling and chasing rabbits to which Dyson replies that she makes a good point. He then tells her that he is hers, if she will have him. She tells him that he is an idiot and that he has been hers for a very long time. Dyson tells her that wolfs mate for life and she should be careful. Bo tells him that she is making no promises, that she wants none in return from him save one. That they keep talking and be honest with each other because that is all that they have. Dyson agrees that there will be no secrets between them. The scene then switches to Trick’s bar where Trick (Rick Howland) is opening up. Dyson arrives and tells Trick that if he does not tell Bo everything by that evening, he will. Trick does not answer before the scene ends.

Returning, Dyson and Bo are beside the pool, Dyson on the phone talking to Hale. Kenzi arrives at bemoans the fact that she now knows that the people around her are swingers and she is being checked out on the “boinkability scale.” Hale gets off the phone and is confused because his department’s budget has increased by ten percent and they used him as the poster child for that. Kenzi is a nervous wreck in the meantime worried that she now has three strikes against her and that means she is next to die. As she runs off she crashes into another waitress, the groundskeeper still watching her. Dyson and Bo decide to have a look around the club and see what else there is. They take a walk in the forest paths, Bo flirting with Dyson about having a boring life wouldn’t be so bad. Bo finds a scratch and win lottery ticket on the ground, scratches it and wins the top prize which freaks them both out. Then the groundskeeper, who had been watching them, runs away. They attempt to follow the groundskeeper, but lose sight of him. They see a hatch in the ground, open it, and discover human remains rotting beneath it. They get a sample and take it to Hale who has it analyzed. They discover that it holds DNA from Blake and from the missing Thumper as well as DNA from a Fae. Hale surmises that the Fae DNA is there as a result of it feeding on the humans. But the kind of Fae isn’t known as it is not in the Fae database. Dyson asks what Bo wants to do and she replies that it is time to be direct with Mitch and his wife.

They go back to the club and confront Mitch. Bo feeds on him and he reveals that while they and the membership have gotten rich over time, he has no idea how it works. After another feeding, he admits that the group uses human sacrifices to keep the power. The only thing that Mitch knows is that the group selects the sacrifice and they don’t feel bad about it. Bo comments that it sounds like a Dark Fae, but Dyson tells her that there is nothing he can do because all it has been doing is feeding on humans. Bo leaves to try and figure out what kind of Fae it is while Dyson takes care of Mitch.

Bo and Kenzi see Trick in order to figure out what the Fae they are looking for is. Hale arrives with the sample that Bo and Dyson brought him, which Trick takes a sniff of. The first question he asks is if the people at the club have had incredible luck. Bo sighs and comments that she expects this is a bad thing. They go into the back of Trick’s place and he pours some of the material into a dead plant which comes back to life almost instantly. Trick explains that the Fae they are looking for is called a Land Wight, a nature Fae that lives in harmony with a particular piece of land. It is also a shifter in that it can make itself indistinguishable from the flora around it. There is also a side effect it has as well. Anything growing in that land becomes incredibly tasty and brings prosperity to whomever consumes the plants. The Fae digests the humans and its waste fertilizes the soil the plants grow in.

Bo and Kenzi go back to the club and Bo is ill from realizing that she had eaten from the planet that had been growing there. The two split up, Bo searching for the groundskeeper and Kenzi going to the kitchen to try and stop people from eating the vegetables. Bo chases the groundskeeper and corners him. He reveals that he has been there for thirty years and has seen all of the weird things going on and believes that Bo is part of it. He also makes the comment that he is not allowed to use herbicides on the property. Bo is confused and asks the groundskeeper who else has a vested interest in the garden. She realizes who that is and runs off.

Kenzi arrives in the kitchen and frantically attempts to stop the people there from using the vegetables. Amy confronts her over this and then reveals that she is the Land Wright when vines begin to grow from her body. She wraps a vine around Kenzi’s throat and is about to eat her when Bo arrives holding a pair of garden shears to threaten Amy’s life. When Amy realizes that Bo is Fae, she is confused to why she would want to stop her. Bo asks her why she is doing this and the answer is because humans taste so good. Then she taunts Bo that she will not be able to stop her. Bo answers that she won’t but her prey will. The groundskeeper arrives with help carrying herbicides to use on Amy. Bo and Kenzi leave the scene and moments later, as they are outside the building, there is a scream as Amy is killed by the groundskeepers.

Neville meets with Bo and Kenzi, who tell him that he can never tell anyone about what really happened. He agrees since no one would believe him anyway. He then tries to figure out what to tell the relatives back home and what will happen without the money Thumper was sending back home. Bo gives Neville the lottery ticket and tells him to get the money to Thumper’s parents.

Dyson and Hale are at Trick’s who tells them that the rumour is that the Land Wright was killed by humans and so Bo isn’t involved in what happened. Mitch is having his memories erased while he is in jail and the people that were in on the plan will be having a run of bad luck since the Land Wright no longer exists. Hale leaves the bar telling Dyson he gets to do the paperwork. After Hale leaves, Dyson asks Trick if he told Bo the truth. Trick says that it wasn’t the right time. In disgust, Dyson calls Bo and tells her that they need to talk. He makes arrangements with Bo to meet at his office later that night. She agrees and promises to bring dinner with her.

The climax of the episode begins with Dyson working in his office. Saskia appears there. Dyson asks if he can help her. she replies that she can help him as she walks to him. She then attacks him, taking his energy from him in huge amounts as she tells him that she is the one that he has been looking for. As she continues to feed on him, Saskia tells him, “Now do you know who I am? Say my name bitch.” And before Dyson can answer the scene ends abruptly. Coming back from commerical, Saskia is still feeding on Dyson and controlling him. Once again she demands he says her name and Dyson manages in a groan to say, at least according to the closed captioning “Aife” but it sounds more clearly this time like the name “Eva”. Bo arrives moments later making Saskia, (I am going to continue to call her this until we get a confirmation of who she is), stop feeding and she tosses Dyson to the floor. Bo tries to comfort Dyson, she tells Saskia that she is a toxic friend to which Saskia tells Bo that she was doing her a favor in killing Dyson. When she says that Dyson didn’t put up a fight, Bo attacks her, but Saskia smashes a wooden chair over Bo’s head stopping her. Saskia tells her that Bo will not be owned by a man while she is around. Bo takes one of the pieces of the chair and rams it through Saskia’s stomach wounding her. Saskia, with a wild look in her eyes, tells Bo that she is a hard friend to help, pulls the wood out of her body and then hobbles out of the office. Bo returns to Dyson and frantically tries to save him as Saskia took so much from him that he is close to death. She tries again and again to send her energy back into him, but she has no idea how to do it. After several starts and stops, she finally brings Dyson back from the edge of death.

The last thing we see is Dyson on the floor, Bo over top of him looking into his eyes. The last words spoken by Dyson are, “Oh Bo, I’m so sorry.” Bo only manages to answer with, “It’s okay. It’s okay” as the episode ends.

Fade to black…

There was a lot to like in this episode, mainly the character development and the moving of the overall plot of the series towards the season finale. This was something that has been happening in the past, but this time we get the set up that was needed for the finale to work.

There is a but howsoever in that statement. The but is that while the closure of Bo and Dyson’s relationship was well done, while the coupling of Kenzi and Hale fit well together, while Trick’s hopes to control the situation were well done, Saskia’s attempted killing of Dyson was handled very poorly I think. I wasn’t sure before if Saskia was slightly insane, but that now seems very likely from her attitude and words when she attacked Dyson. Oh yes, the other thing… Saskia seems now to be Bo’s mother. And that is, in a lot of ways, really cringe worthy.

Something else that was cringeable was when Bo staked Saskia with a piece of wood from that chair. To be honest the first thing I thought was, darn it, mixing up myths again aren’t they? Something else about that scene that made me sigh was the flippancy of it. There should have been a lot more drama in it, not to mention that Saskia’s line of “Say my name bitch” was stupid in several ways. Mainly in that the crazy factor went through the roof when it happened.

I still find it irritating that Bo allowed Saskia to abuse her as much as she did. Why is it that Saskia on the one hand wants Bo to join her and be like her, and on the other hand pulls her down with every chance she gets? In the end that only serves to not make Saskia a foil for Bo, but simply a means to an end. That shouldn’t be the character’s point of existing. If all she is to be is someone to wreck Bo’s life again, why spend the time on her?

Moving on to the good things about the episode. The scene where Dyson tells Bo how he feels about her was probably one of the most emotionally draining and heart wrenching moments in the series so far. Dyson’s expressions of need and want were perfect in every way, and to say that he ate the scenery is not an understatement. Bo however I found to be slightly less believable in the scene. She said the right things and all, but the emotion she showed seemed somehow off. I would have expected tears of joy from her over Dyson’s admission of love for her and she half laughed it away. A small bit more of drama would have made the scene all it should have been.

I thought that Hale and Kenzi playing off each other through the episode was exceptionally well done. The betting scene was really nice and the “Get closer” moment in the office was a screamingly funny scene as it played out. I hope that this continues to be developed in the future as, I think at least, they make an interesting couple that can relate to each other better than the other couples in the series have been.

We didn’t get a lot of Trick in this episode. He did answer the question of the Fae responsible and he was given an ultimatum by Dyson about talking to Bo, but that was the extent to it and that was disappointing. It would have been nice to have a bit more revealed about why Trick is involved or how he got Dyson to agree to all of this, but we get none of that. If the next episode was the end of the series, it would be a shame because there is so much still to cover in that.

No Lauren at all in this episode, though we can assume she was involved in the lab work on the sample Bo had analyzed. Someone had to do the work after all. Being that the season ender is next week, I hope she appears and possibly that Bo and her resolve what happened. The triangle of relationships was interesting. And now that Bo knows that Dyson wants from her, that would make things more interesting I think overall.

I was impressed by the level of special effects in the episode, the vines and such were really well done. The storyline was interesting and did keep things moving, but the added reveal of the club being for swingers really didn’t add a lot to the overall storyline. You could easily skip over the pool scenes and lose nothing really important to the overall scheme of things. I hope that in season two the writing tightens up a bit and some of the extra time filling moments vanish from the series.

I was impressed by the Succubus powers this time. While the effects on Saskia only served to make her look more crazed, the moments where Bo was sending energy into Dyson were especially interesting for one important thing. The energy was white in color. Not green. That means something I think, but as it wasn’t explained, we will have to see what that becomes, if anything.

Overall, a good solid episode with some small nits in it, but then that does happen. It answered some important points, opened some doors and left us wondering what happens next time. All good things really and I hope that this continues…

My rating of (Dis)Members Only

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 5 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.6 Pitchforks out of 5

The thing that saved this episode was the acting of everyone in it. My dislike for the portrayal of Saskia as being if not insane, at least crazy didn’t do a thing for me. I understand that it all leads into the final episode of the season, but really, that part could have been written a little bit differently. The traps are set for Dyson and Bo’s relationship, for Bo’s actions to come, for the things that Trick and others have to do as well. I understand that… I do. But was it necessary to do so like this?

I’m not sure about that point.

This Sunday, Episode Thirteen: Bo finally learns the identity of her mother – and that those closest to her have been keeping secrets. No longer sure who to trust, Bo decides to track down “Mommy Dearest” alone, in order to extract the truth about her own origins once and for all. While everyone frantically searches for Bo, Dyson visits an ancient Norn, a wish-granting, tree-dwelling crone, where – in order to protect the woman he loves — he makes a sacrifice that may change his relationship with Bo forever, as she prepares for a final face off with her deadly mother.

The first season finale arrives and promises much… I truly hope that it delivers all of what it promises in the previews. One thing that bothers me about the preview more than anything else is how much they showed of Saskia being “evil” and the voiceovers that seem to indicate that Bo and Saskia are going to try to “take over.” Seems like a storyline that has been done before. Now the one thing that I wonder about also is, since they didn’t know for certain if they would have a second season, is it going to answer everything? If that happens, then what is the cliffhanger then and moreover,  what is the hook for the following season?

I will hope and with that hope, be pleasantly surprised. I hope. Gosh I hope. I don’t want to be poking people with my pitchfork for nine months in frustration…



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    I think I broke the TV to be honest…


  1. Enjoyed your blog. 🙂 You’ve always been good at this verbalizing about this stuff. Thanks

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